10 Statements Ladies Often Make To Appear Decent Before Guys

Note I’m not trying to say that any lady that utters any of the listed statement, is telling lies. It’s just the statement an average lady utters just to appear decent before guys

Lemme keep the ball rollling cool

1. I don’t visit guys

I don’t know if you have noticed this. I have overheard quite a few number of ladies saying they barely visit guys. Whether it’s true or not, they utter this statement in order to appear decent before guys

2. Is sex food ?

Many ladies often utter this statement especially when intimate discussion arises. When guys complain about their girlfriends depriving them of sex, ladies will be like “is sex food?” Whether ladies like sex or not, they often make this statement just to look like they detest sex.. *If I hear * cheesy

3. I don’t like going to eateries

Some of them always claim they don’t fancy fried rice, shawama, ice cream, burger, etc. Though, this might just be a sarcastic statement, but many of them utter it just to look decent. A lady once told me that she hated going to eateries. I took her there, only for her to order pepper soup, fried rice ice cream, etc.

4. I don’t fancy make-up

I’m yet to see a lady that will agree to the fact that her beauty lies in the illusion caused by make-up. Even though some of them paint their faces the way we used to colour our drawing book when in Kingdagarten, the will still claim they don’t fancy make-up

5. I don’t ask guys for Money

I have come to conclusion that many ladies utter this statement just to earn the respect of guys.. Virtually all ladies claim they don’t ask guys for money, when in fact, it’s a pure lie. Some of them will be like, I have never for once asked my ex or guys for money. Don’t be deceived cos when you date them, reverse might just be the statement

5. I’m just doing this because I Love you

The stiffness some of them perform when you make advances, is likened to breaking into world bank. Some will even stiffen their moans during bleeping so that the guy will not think they are enjoying it cheesy

6. I’m God fearing

Even the ones hovering at every beef palour, eateries, hotel, suya and pepper joint, will say they are God fearing and also need God fearing men

7. I don’t double date

Before I gave my life to Christ, I dated a lady that claimed she hated cheating on her man. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I caught her doing otherwise. Some of them actually cheat but will make remarkable comment about themselves just to look decent

8. I don’t give my numbers to strangers

I don’t know how to explain this. But many of them say this even when it’s not necessary

9. I don’t reply Pms/mails

This is common on social media. You will see updates like, ” I don’t reply pms because I’m not looking for a boyfriend”, “don’t even bother to mail me because I won’t reply. This is just to show their online folks that they are decent

10. Feel free to add the last one cool