10 Sure Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

What happens when you discover your girlfriend isn’t just yours alone?


This is a situation that makes men boil with rage especially if the men have played their own part without cheating. There could be a wide range of reasons why a lady would cheat on her man but as serious as the reasons could be, it’s most times devastating to discover that one’s partner hasn’t been entirely truthful. In serious relationships, the men go into different stages of shock, unbelief and eventually anger; same way the women react after being cheated on.

Below are signs your girlfriend could exhibit when she’s cheating.

Unaccounted movements

When your girlfriend stops sharing information about her movement all of a sudden then something could be wrong. When her location isn’t known or she isn’t found where she ought to be found, she could have a skeleton in her wardrobe. When she suddenly becomes a fickle and she springs up various excuses as to her whereabouts, she could be cheating.

Lesser Time Together

You can’t miss this sign. When a woman who used to be crazy about you finds a reason to stay away from you, this could only point to one thing; she may be sending you an indirect message of a pending break up or she’s cheating. if a woman who used to be clingy and all over you finds it difficult to hang out with you then she’s created time for something or someone else.

Conscious Of Her Looks

When your girlfriend’s mode of dressing changes without you implementing this change, it would be better to watch her closely. When she suddenly becomes conscious of her looks and worry about something being out of place in her appearance, she may be trying hard to impress someone else. When she takes extra time dressing up and is always eager to step out alone, it’s likely she’s having an affair.

Booming Social Life

A lady who isn’t a socialite finds interest in going out all of a sudden; she would catch someone’s attention and keep going out to maintain the friendship. She’s eager to make new friends; her adventures naturally make her lose focus in her relationship as she starts to explore.

Conscious Of Her Phone

Handling your girlfriend’s phone to her when it rings becomes a crime. She rushes to the phone before you could reach out for it. She takes the phone everywhere with her even in the house. When she can’t keep her hands off her phone and she doesn’t trust you enough to hold it, or walks into the room every time to receive calls, she is definitely cheating.

Dwindled communication

When your woman starts to withdraw from you, it is made noticeable through communication. Her enthusiasm is low when it comes to sharing the event of the day with you. She explains it all using words as few as possible. She becomes uninterested in your affairs.

Muddled Sex Routine

When your girlfriend constantly turns you down when it comes to sex, something could be wrong. Getting the normal sexual reaction from her is almost impossible. When all forms of intimacy are reduced and she suddenly becomes more comfortable staying out of your arms, she may be getting the action somewhere else.

Not Excited About Future Plans

When your girlfriend doesn’t share dreams of settling down with you, she might as well have the dreams with someone else in the picture. She would practically avoid anything and everything that moves in that direction. She could be cheating on you already or be making moves to replace you.

Quick To Throw Tantrums

A cheating girlfriend is always trying to be smart around you. Every time she feels she may get suspected, she starts to throw tantrums and cover everything up by being emotional. She tries to change the subject in order to shift focus.


When a girlfriend who has shown a total lack of interest in her boyfriend gets distracted easily, she may be thinking about someone else. She could daydream all day; smiling lost in thoughts until she’s being jolted back to reality.