15 Funny Attributes That Suggest That You Might Be African

Hi friends,
if after reading through this post, you find out you posses most of these qualities then you might be African or have African roots.Please enjoy reading

1. You don’t play with your food: Africans don’t play with their food; you could get beat up for touching the food of an African.

2. You have more than one mobile sim card: The average African has more than one mobile sim card, this is due to the crappy mobile network providers; the funny thing is that most usually have only one phone which might have slots for as much as 4 sim cards.

3. You don’t likewise play with your sleep: Never wake an African from his or her sleep, you just might end up in a coma.

4. You have a very loud voice: This is a gift from mother nature herself, the ability to shout without stress

5. You have Special Outfits that you wear for Christmas, New Year, and parties, to the church or mosque: Africans always love to look good irrespective of the occasion; we carefully select special clothes and hope nobody else wears it except when it had been agreed.

6. You always love to be noticed: Africans love to be the centre of attention even if it’s in our uncles burial

7. You are very respectful and desire to be equally respected: A word synonymous to Africa is respect. An African is trained to respect their elders or one in a position of authority even to a fault.

8. You get scared easily: Need I say more, it’s in our DNA. You want to have a successful prank, try it on an African.

9. You wish you had super powers: As funny as this may sound, we Africans believe in the supernatural and would love to posses such powers for ourselves.

10. You are very materialistic: The success of an African is measured by how much wealth he or she is able to amass for himself or herself

11. You like free things; as long as you don’t have to pay, its fine by you: From free food, to free wifi, to free ride; and African would never turn down this offer as long as it’s free.

12. You love your life: Safety is paramount in Africa; you don’t mind losing all your properties as long as you don’t lose your life. That’s why you rarely see an African on a roller coaster or close to water.

13. You easily identify with people you aren’t even close with: Africans are very friendly. We easily start up a conversation in a bus, train, cab or plane; even with someone you never met before

14. You believe any bad thing happening to you is as a result of external forces: Most Africans believe that aliens are hindering our success or a certain witch in their village is sitting on their destinies

15. You have a very funny accent: well English is not our mother tongue but we try