18-Yr-Old Boy Caught Raping Mad Woman By The Road Side

An 18-year-old man identified Chimaobi Peter, has been arrested by policemen attached to the Oke-Odo Police Station, Ile-Epo, Abule-Egba area of Lagos State, for allegedly raping a mentally deranged woman, identified as Iya Rasheedi, by the roadside.

The young man was nabbed in the act when the woman’s screams alerted resident of the neighbourhood and he was caught in the act.

Though Peter reportedly told the police that he had not begun the sexual act when the woman screamed, her family members insist that he had sex with the woman for ritual purposes.

One of the them narrated to newsmen:

“When he was dragged off her, she couldn’t get up for more than three to four hours. She was extremely weak. There is no doubt that he used something on her.”

Although police say they would charge the case to court, they say they still have to gather enough evidence which include taking the woman to an hospital for a medical checkup to ascertain if the young man actually had sex with her.

But the police say that the trouble they have is how to cajole the woman to go with them for a test which she has refused.

Narrating his story, the suspect said he was drunk on the day of the incident:

“I was drunk that day and was walking on the road when I saw the woman who was stark naked and I was aroused by her nudity.

I did not know what came over me. Maybe I am under a curse but I did not have sex with her because as I removed my trouser and wanted to penetrate her, she screamed and started struggling with me.

It was her scream that alerted the local vigilance men who rushed to the scene. If not for the security men, maybe I would have had sex with her, notwithstanding that she was screaming and struggling. I don’t know what came over me.”

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