4 Unbelievable Secrets Men Hide From Their Partners

Not all men can out rightly express themselves like women, especially when it has to do with emotions or insecurities needs. And no matter how long you’ve been married or how well you know him there are specific things guys commonly keep super-close to the vest, and some guys may need a little help expressing themselves.

He’s ultra-dependent on you.
Most guys can easily wear the provider and protector hat, but very few will readily fess up to needing someone else’s constant support even if it’s from their own wives. “Men have buddies at the gym or in the workplace, but it is very uncommon for them to have a true, loving friend who unconditionally understands their heart or emotions. “They really desire the idea of be able to lean on their wives for that support, but don’t want to appear weak.”

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Body insecurities.
Is easier for women to cover their body insecurities just but slipping into a nice sexy dress and get lovely compliments from their partner.  But the man on the other and probably not going to sniff around for a compliment. Still he needs to know you still desire him and he is attractive too.

He doesn’t know how to fully open up.

women are more emotional than men and is often more tedious for men than the women to expand on their concerns, not because they don’t have emotions or concerns but because they learnt how to bury them from early childhood.

According to Tomanika Witherspoon Detroit-based clinical therapist

“don’t be surprised if he has have tough time telling you that he’s hurt after an argument, frustrated when you’ve worked late every night for two weeks or that he wishes you’d take his financial concerns more seriously. “This can ultimately become destructive as the husband, who may feel neglected and have feelings of resentment because his needs are not being met because he’s not identifying concerns,”

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He’s more into cuddling than he lets on.
It not always about sex. “Just as much as wives crave the emotional intimacy associated with cuddling, men enjoy these little moments, too. Try taking that initiative more often grab his hand, touch his shoulder or get closer in bed.

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