5 Other Countries That want To Leave EU

With the United Kingdom now out of the European Union, the fear that the EU could crash sooner than possible is here.

Merkel and David Cameron, two of the major faces of the EU. Cameron resigned on Friday

Though the European Council President Donald Tusk warned, according to Washington Post, that Britain leaving the European Union could seriously threaten western political civilization, it is learnt that many other members of the powerful organization could begin with process for similar exit.

This is because of the huge agitation by citizens of the affected countries, according to the report.


This is one country whose prime minister, Viktor Orban, is considered a major opposition to the EU because of his stand on policies and issues despite being a member.

He was once referred to as a dictator by the European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker.

His country is reportedly planning a referendum that could further crash the EU.


Right from the beginning, this country has refused to introduce the Euro as a legal tender. It also sees itself as a “Scandinavian equivalent of Britain” according to the report.

The country is said to have continued with a major struggle of integrating thousands of refugees it accepted last year.

Even with this, most Swedes are still positive about the EU, but the withdrawal by Britain could begin to expose the citizens to some consciousness because Sweden has over the years, relied on Britain to help the small nation press through its policies. There is also now the fear that it could suffer economic woes if it continues to habour refugees.


Greece is still very troubled by a heavy debt burden which had threatened the country some time ago.

Analysts say this crisis could become a major issue in the coming days with the withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

In this case, the Greek government fears that it could be frustrated out of the EU rather than leaving on its own accord, because the organization could want to avoid crisis and further strengthen its remaining membership base.

The Netherlands

The report quotes Geert Wilders, the head of a right-wing populist party in the country as supporting the withdrawal of Britain from the EU and even hopes such happens in his country.


The situation in France could be tense currently as it is proven that 61 percent of its citizens do not favour being a part of the EU.

Now that the country is facing a weak economy and a high terrorism threat with some of the origins of the problems blamed on the EU, it could just be a little more time before the country breaks away.