5 Reasons Your SEX Life Is Suffering In Your Relationship!


Are you and your lover getting as much sex as you’d like? If you aren’t you’re not the only ones. A recent study by “YouGov” found that 64% of couples said they would like to have sex at least a few times a month, but the same study found that only 38% of couples were actually having sex that often. So If you want to use the bedroom for more than just sleeping, check to see if any of these problems could be getting in the way of you and your boo!


As much as modern technology is a must, it can impact on our lives negatively in ways we may not have considered. A recent study found that couples who had a TV in the bedroom had sex 50% less than couples who didn’t. Add smartphones and laptops on top and you can be endlessly distracted. Implement a no technology rule in the bedroom from time to time and see what a difference it makes.


If you go to bed at 10pm sharp but your partner stays up watching the latest ‘Netflix series’ until 1am, the chances of sex are pretty slim. Try to schedule a couple of nights a week where you go to bed at the same time. It might feel a little silly to both of you to schedule sex, but it will certainly help out in the long run.


A recent poll found that people who are in committed relationships actually only spend less than 2% of their normal working day in each other’s company, and three in ten couples said their relationship was suffering as a result of this. Quality time is very important, so be sure to schedule time in together and make sure you honour it religiously.


If you don’t feel good, you’re less likely to want to make someone else feel good. When you’re in tip top health you’re more likely to look good and feel confident about your body, but if you feel tired, under the weather or perhaps over indulge on booze, you both won’t feel very sexy at all. Being mindful about your health will increase your libido, and that would be a plus in the bedroom!


If your sex life has become routine, you’ll be much less inclined to indulge, so you need to try and spice things up a bit. Find ways to change your routine, be imaginative about how, where and when you both have sex, and try surprising yourselves with some new moves from time to time. As they say variety is the spice of life!

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