5 Simple Sex Tips You Need To Know

How do you get the best out of making love with your partner?

A lot of ladies complain about lack of sexual satisfaction in their relationship, and most times, the man is blamed for this.

The truth is, you as a woman have a role to play where optimum enjoyment is concerned.

Below are five simple sex tips you need to know to improve your sexual experience.

  1. Be creative: Don’t just be a follower, lead the way and introduce a changing pattern so that both of you can create a new kind of sexual loving. As a woman, you can find new ways of doing things, which will fit your partner’s new mood and will help to build his self-esteem rather than erode it.

  2. Avoid criticism: Don’t become critical or afraid or because your partner takes long to get an erection. Always reassure him that everything is normal. With skilful, manual and oral caresses, you can overcome this. But whatever you do, don’t feel rejected. Don’t think that because he can’t get an erection rapidly, he’s no longer attracted to you.

  3. Make foreplay last longer: prolonged foreplay may be necessary for arousal Â? with you taking the lead. So be creative and make it last as long as possible.

  4. Don’t worry: Don’t be bothered if he doesn’t ejaculate but seems sexually satisfied. When your partner cannot attain a second erection within a short time, don’t think this is the first sign of impotence.

  5. Be more active: Play a major role. Try out new sexual positions that let you control the pace, and take the pressure off your partner to perform.


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