6 Things You Don’t Know About Peter of P-Square

Peter Okoye is one half of the P-Square twin brothers. He is known as the most active and energetic of the duo because he is the dancer between the duos. His dancing and choreography are breathtaking. He is also the most active on social media.

If you think you know much about Peter Okoye wait till you read these never-heard-before about the CEO of P-Classic Group. Husband to the dashingly beautiful lady of style, Lola Omotayo-Okoye and the father of Cameron and Aliona has some many secrets that have made him who he is today. Naij.com gives you a feel of some of Peter’s secret:

1: Peter Okoye is a lover of classy drinks but Hennessy is his favourite. In the absence of Hennessy, he will go for Champagne.

2: Peter is not a smoker neither does he take any energizer. Perhaps, that explains his energy which he displays when performing his always rigorous dance and energy sapping dance steps and gym activities.

3: As much as Peter is in love with Hennessy, he does not take even a sip of it before a performance. Instead, Peter goes for fruit juices. He also loves taking fruits at its natural state. His favourite fruit is banana which he also takes before going on stage.

4: Having grown up in a Christian home, Peter and Paul believe that with God on their side they can move mountains thus they hold prayer session before performing at an engagement.

5: It is a known fact that Peter and Paul were born on the same day as twins. But many do not know that Peter is 11 minutes older than Paul.

6: Peter is a gadget freak. He is a chronic lover of gadgets which he believes makes life easier. He frequently surfs the internet for latest phones. Peter buys his gadgets online most of which he buys before they make their debut in the Nigerian market.


P-Square duo Peter and Paul Okoye are arguably the number one entertainment twins in Africa.

Their group, P-Square, is famously known all over the world as a singer, songwriter and producer. Paul and his twin brother, Peter, started out as footballers with Pepsi Academy in Jos.

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