7 Buhari’s Notable Steps In 100 Days – Garba Shehu’s Edition

The senior presidential special assistant on media and publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, in an interview with Vanguard, speaks on the upcoming appointments by President Buhari, his 100 days in the office, the fight against corruption, the state of the economy, and much more.


He emphasised that after over three months in office Buhari be judged not on ethnic or religious benchmarks, but on performance.

Below, read the excerpts from the interview:

Appointments: President Buhari is not a sectional leader. He has responsibility for the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria

“Buhari is a constitution-oriented person. He will not fail Nigerians and he will do what is right. 

“For example, when former president Goodluck Jonathan took over, in the first 50 appointments he made, the South West was not represented.

Anti-corruption campaign: President Buhari is not the kind of a politician who wants to get applause by being populist in his actions

“The president is making a huge sacrifice to bring back the nation to the point of sanity and clean all the mess.

“Corruption is a cancer that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the nation. Without it being addressed, there will not be development in the country. Foreign investments will not come, better life will not come into Nigeria, education will not run well, economy will be shackled, undermined and
infrastructure will not work well.”

Buhari’s 7 notable steps in 100 days (Garba Shehu’s edition)

1. The leader of the nation showed that he would not steal money and would not allow others to steal.

2. Buhari starts reinstating Nigeria’s international relations (the USA, Europe, Africa).

3. The president shows he is business friendly. Foreign investments will come once a secured environment is created. Currently Nigeria ranks 170th of 189 countries in the 2015 Doing Business annual rating – (naij.com).

4. Buhari is going to defeat the Boko Haram terrorism. The deadline is in December – (naij.com).

5. Power generation is on the rise. In the APC manifesto the goal is to reach 20,000+ megawatts in four years.

6. Massive transformation of agriculture and mining (is coming).

7. Neighborhoods are becoming safer.

State of the economy: the government is trying to manage that

“Look at what is happening in the country with oil, in terms of failed price, which has come down from $120 to $43 per barrel and the prediction is that, it may even fall further. With sanctions on Iran being gradually removed, by the time Iran resume their place in the oil market, they will pump more oil and the price will still come down.

“Look at the issue of importation of rice; billions of US dollars expended on this, on a commodity that is locally growable and is available… There are other things that are so frivolous and annoying just like where Nigerians buy tooth pick from China!”

When we shall expect our ministers

“The ministers will come.”

Details on Vanguard.