7 hottest Kim Kardashian outfits. Number 3 is a real shock!

Kim Kardashian certainly has a style of her own. This woman is not shy. She is not afraid to show off her gorgeous body and it seems like the whole family takes pride in it. She does not keep it private and these outfits prove it.

Check out 7 risky and hot outfits of Kim Kardashian:

1. Kim is hot and she knows it. It’s not for nothing she invests money into her body. 

2. Apparently, this lady is not familiar with such things as bras. At least she prefers not to wear them. Surely these things are not very comfortable. And she does not need any pushups for her boobs! 

3. And the rest of her body also deserves to be shown. So, who told you that underwear is not enough? It’s more than enough for Kim! 

4.  And this dress does not distract the attention from her beautiful boobs. 

5. This candy girl has a very thin wrap on her. Just add a little fantasy and you do not even have to take it off! 

6. You still think mama style is not sexy? It means you have not seen Kim and her baby! This mama comes right from your dreams. 

7. Maxi dress is supposed to cover up all your body, but Kim knows how to make it super sexy. That’s what they call the sex bomb.