7 Signs That Show Your Current Relationship Has No Future


Relationships keep us going at times.We allow ourselves to completely trust and love our partner in a relationship.However, there’s no point to being in a relationship that has no future.It’s better to walk alone than to walk into a wall while walking with someone.

Here are seven signs that show your current relationship has no future.

1. You Have Started Finding Other People Attractive Than Your Partner

Do you feel the need to check out other people and then end up finding them more attractive than your partner? Do you feel guilt in doing so? If this is really happening to you then stop and ask yourself if you really need to stay with the person you’re with.You’re not even feeling belonged then what’s the point of dragging it?

2. Your Partner Thoughts Don’t Come In Your Head

You don’t have to be obsessive and I’m definitely not preaching that, buh did you just spend your day without even thinking of him or her once? There’s no how you will be in a relationship without thinking of your partner unless your relationship is weak and feeble.

3. Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

If your partner doesn’t know how to respect you, what makes you think that he will respect you at some point? Respect should be a major character display in a relationship.Respect is a point that shouldn’t be compromised upon.NEVER!

4. Always Fighting

A little amount of arguments is healthy for relationships buh if you guys can’t sit together without fighting then you need to assess things.Fighting all the time will not take you anywhere.

5. Your Partner’s Friends Don’t Know That You Exist

Your partner should be proud of having you and he or she doesn’t have to keep it a secret.When you’re in love with someone, you atleast mention them infront of your friends.However, if his friends don’t know you exist or you’ve never met them, you really need to ask him or her if he or she is serious or not.If not, please quickly take a Yabaleft.

6. Always Forgetting What You Tell Him/Her

If he or she forgets little things like “Your name and Surname” “Your birth date”.You deserve attention and you deserves a boyfriend or girlfriend who remembers things that you tell him.If he forgets little things, do you really think he will remember the major things?


7. You Don’t See Long-Term Potential

You should be able to envision a happy future together.If you don’t see a future together at all, it maybe time for you to move on.


Being in a relationship has some effects and signs to watch for, so you won’t end up with a broken heart.There’s nothing like “Managing in a relationship”.Please don’t try to manage him or her, there are others potential man or woman waiting for you down there.

If you’re seeing these signs in your current relationship, I’d advice you to work things out between each other or just call it a Quit.