7 Things A Man May Keep From You Before Marriage

Marriage they say is a life long journey and you never know what you bought until the pack is opened. There have been various surprises sprung on unsuspecting wives immediately after marriage.

Lots of focus has been on the women for a long time. We know the kind of drama they could stage and one could predict like a regular homemade movie what their next move would be. Thus, a little attention is going to be thrown the men’s way for us to review the kind of things they would be willing to keep from their partners before marriage.

Side Chics

Every man has a potential side chic apart from his fiancée. There are few exception to this. A man would always make the woman believe she has no competition but the truth is there are other ladies who play different roles in his life. He enjoys the company of these ladies because of the benefits accrued to their relationship. A man would never tell his fiancée he’s cheating on her so he would lie about the last time he had sex because it probably wasn’t with her. He understands that she may never trust him again so he holds back. However, he could tell her about his escapades after marriage with a dismissal of hand like it wasn’t relevant then. It should be known that one of the side chics could be a plan B in case the main relationship doesn’t work out. In essence, every girl is a potential side chic until he walks down the aisle with you.

Financial details

Men know how that women spend frivolously therefore, they keep the main figures of their salary a secret. Men hardly give complete information about their financial status and other sources of income. They simply don’t trust the women enough and assume the information isn’t relevant at that stage of their relationship.

True fears of life

Due to men’s ego, they find it hard to tell their fiancées certain things. Men believe they are the head and assume control of the relationship. In this bid for control, they find it absurd to sit at a woman’s feet and croon about their fears of life and failure. They do not want to compromise their leadership position as they feel it could make the ladies disrespect them when they start to see them as weaklings. Like a woman would lay on a man’s chest and pour out her fears  in a torrent of emotion, a man hides his thoughts and fears.

Major plans for their ladies

While most men listen, nod and pay attention to the women ranting about their dreams and aspirations when they are still dating, they also make mental notes of what to condone or disapprove after marriage. They simply save themselves the stress of arguing and decide to lord their opinions on the women after marriage. Issues like where and how to raise kids and being a full housewife become major issues. They may force the women to be dependent on them at the long run.

Family secrets

Unlike women who feel the men should know everything about their family before marriage, a man simply let things unfold with time. Family secrets and family medical history may be kept secret on purpose or unintentionally from the fiancées until after marriage. This sometimes lead to serious issues which could remain unresolved for years.

Real habits

Men have certain addictions. This may not be easily observed when they are in relationships with ladies. After marriage, the ladies discover it’s even worse than they anticipated. Some men exhibits certain characteristics thought to be extremely strange in marriage; some indulge in watching porn and expects their wives to become porn stars in bed while some go a step further to calm their nerves with hard drugs. A man would never tell his fiancée if a criminal charge has been pressed against him due to these habits.

Dependency on others

Some men try earnestly to give women the impression that they are steady and emotionally balanced when in relationships. The story often changes after marriage when the ladies discover the men rely on certain people like mothers and sisters for support and that these people’s approvals go a long way when he’s taking major decisions. They often go defensive and try to justify their dependency by saying things like “She’s my mother; she’s always been there for me.” A man would never admit to his fiancée that he’s mummy’s boy.

Having reviewed these things, they could be modelled into imaginary questionnaires for the ladies to know their men more and get the best out of the relationship.