9 Things Most Nigerian Ladies Look Out For On A First Date

Ladies are very emotional beings. Many men have underrated this unique feature that God has placed in them.

Their emotions tune them into a high level of perception that men cannot decipher. Any lady that knows how to use it will smell the wrong guy from far.

See a list of what most Nigerian ladies look out for.

1. Courtesy: Courtesy is a turn on for Nigerian ladies. In the Nigerian culture, women are almost not appreciated. So, if you show them courtesy by carrying their bags, opening doors for them and letting them walk on the safer side of the road, it’s a plus. Most ladies do not even know what courtesy is.

2. Dressing: Nigerians are power dressers, so ladies look out for cute guys who dress smart. Your appearance speaks for you before you are heard.

3. Shoes: If you do not have good shoes on, this is a turn-off. They might not tell you, but it shows you do not take good care of yourself. When going for a date, put on a well-polished shoe.

4. Openness: Nigerian ladies love guys who are truthful and open. Doesn’t have any secrets and has nothing to hide.

5. Dining manners: Guys please just go and learn your table manners. Basic ones, do not talk and eat. Do not stuff more food than you can chew into your mouth.

6. Manner of communication: If you talk like a tout you will be dumped. No lady wants to get hypertension because she wants a date. Speak courteously and politely. Do not gossip or try to impress by talking down on people.

7. Money: Guy! Pay the bills, even if she offers to. It shows you can take care of her, and that you are independent.

8. Humility: Let your results speak for you. Spare them the chronicles of your achievements.

9. Care: Women know a caring man. Even when you try to pretend, they will quickly sense it.

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