9 Types Of Students You Find During Lecture In A Typical Nigerian Institution

In most higher institutions, when a lecture is going on, you tend to find students displaying different personalities. They are briefly discussed below;

1. The Listener: These are set of students that listen to what the lecturer speaks word for word. They dominate large population of the class. These people can be classified into two; Listener A and Listener F. The Listerner A’s record what the lecturer says in their mind and use it as reference when they are doing exam while the Listerner F’s put down there ears too but they never understand anything at all. They physically listen to the teacher but psychologically listen to something else.

2. The Imitator: These are the type of people that helps the lecturer to end what he is saying. They speak along with the teacher in every sentence he made.. ”A noun is a name of any person, animal, place or…..” before the lecturer could finish that sentence, you will here them shout ”THINGS.”

3. The Distractor: These are the set of students whose main objective is take away the attention of other students from listening to the lecture. They bring up useless topic discussion and they will disturb you by poking you from the back, covering your eyes, etc. They are also classified into A and F. The distractor A’s can look unserious to you but they have studied ahead of the topic being discussed. The distractor F’s looks unserious and they are not really serious so they are looking someone to influence to team with.

4. The Participants: These are the types of people that contribute to the lecture. We have them in two forms; The Answer agents and the Question Agents. The Answer agents are the brilliants students that have the personality of replying to questions advanced by the lecturer. Some do that because they have the idea or just to show off their intelligent while the Question agents are the one that always have a question for the lecturer. Some also do that to impress someone or to show off their seriousness. While some do that to make the lecturer look like a fool.

5. The Writer: These are the types of students that is fond of jotting or writing notes during a lecture. The try very hard to pen everything the lecturer says word for word, sentence to sentence. You see the look of dissapointment on their face when they miss a word. Some write for reference purpose while some do that just because they are addicted to it.

6. The Lecturer: These are another set of students that get pleasure from explaining to other students what they couldnt understand in a lecture. Some do that just to please others, show off their intelligent or just because they are fond of doing it. They never miss the slightest opportunity to let people know thay undersood the topic being discussed.

7. The Late Comers: These are popular students in a class that enjoy being late for no reasonable reason. They always have their own additional time to the commencement of a lecture.

8. The Non Interested: These are students that attended a lecture just because of the attendance list or an impromptu test. They have no interest in the lecture at all and they wont pretend they do. You always see them busy with their phones when a lecture is going on. They are the back seat regulars. They enjoy sitting there to avoid the lecturer sighting them. And when they are in group, you see them create their own mini class, addressing a topic for discussion.

9. The Sleepers: Girls dominate these set of students in a lecture. 30 mins after the commencement of lecture, they are sleeping already.

The list is endless, so feel free to add yours.

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