Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Part 10

Festus: Wakey, wakey, good morning dear, I made you hot tea.

Me:(yawning) ooooooooooh! Don’t wake me up Moor (cuddles the pillow)I’m tired, I’m weak.

Festus: what did you do that you’re tired? Or is it because of last night?

Me: (scared) last night? What do you mean? ( my conscience already prickling me)

Festus: Yes now! The hot se*x you know

My heart started beating so fast…..

Festus: I’m sure you enjoyed my dick

I was relieved, you know how it is to have guilty conscience….

Me: (sigh) oh, okay…. You’re not serious (smiles)

Festus: oya stand up take your hot tea, I made it specially for you

Me: Awww! I love you so much, thanks love (rose up, kissed him and began sip my hot tea)

Festus: less I forget, what happened to your kitchen, it is very rough, I had to clean it.

Me: erm, erm,  probably….. Daniel or his girlfriend sha, you know those people are rough (smiling).

Later in the day, I was home alone with my boo, Daniel and his girlfriend went to the cinema I guess, cos when they were going they were just arguing on the movie they were gonna see. They didn’t even bother to tell us where they were going, like I care. The most annoying part is how the girlfriend be forming “drunk in love” with Daniel, behaving all loved up with Daniel. Stupid girl, how I wish you know what went down under your nose. Anyway I was at home with my boyfriend  in the evening, Daniel and his girlfriend came back, looking so happy, they greeted, they actually bought some goodies for us oooo.

Festus: hey! Welcome back guys

Gosh! I don’t know what osnwrong with this Festus, he’s always too forward.

Jumoke: (excited) Oh my God, you guys missed a lot, how I wish we went together. I told Daniel to invite you guys but he said you guys had plans.

She came closer to me, hugged me and brought out the goodies they got for us.

Me: eyah! Thank you so much…. Yes we had plans jare, we would definitely hangout one of these days.

Festus and Daniel began to argue on football, you know guys conversation. Me and Jumoke on the other hand were discussing share, we both cooked dinner that day. It was fun being with her but I still this guilty conscience. Through out that day me and Daniel didn’t make an eye contact, we didn’t even talk to each other. We all went to bed that night, me and my boyfriend had se*x, my boyfriend actually surprised me this time, he really fucked me so good this time but it wasn’t as good as Daniel. The one thing my boyfriend is so good at is sucking of pussy, men, he’s really good at the, he would suck me to the extent that I would see myself in paradise. Festus fucked me in the bedroom, it was so sweet, the bathroom se*x was off the hook, he kept on banging me from behind, I was just moaning so hard, Festus too is trying I just don’t know why Daniel’s dick taste so different like honey. Makes me want to have more…


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