Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Part 13

After several days, I think 3 weeks and some days, I didn’t go home, my mum and her husband were back from the honeymoon vacation over 3 weeks now, but I didn’t go and check on them. Lied to them I was helping my grandmother, my mum kept on calling and calling asking questions on why I left the house, why i refused to come home. At some point she got angry, mainly because she came home very her vacation and I don’t want to come check on her even though she got me some nice things. Daniel also called, sent several text messages apologizing countless times. So I finally made up my mind to go home and do away with shame. I got home, the first person I saw was Daniel, I couldn’t look at his face, it was crazy feeling.

Daniel: What’s up?

Me: fine

Daniel: Finally, you’re back. I’m really sorry for……. (My mum walks in)

My mum: My baby (I quickly rushed ton her and gave her the best hug)

Me: Mummy (kissed her)I miss you mum, so much.

Me and my mum went straight up to her room for her to show me what she bought for me. Me and my mum started discussing, giving me details, showing me pictures, she bought nice things for me. The she stopped…

My mum: Ehn! Ehn! What happened between you and your brother Daniel?

Me: Nothing happened oooo, I’ve already told you nothing happened..

My mum: Then why did you leave the house? I asked him why you left him alone, he couldn’t give me reasonable answer, so I was suspecting something happened. Or did you guys quarreled?

Me: Nope! Nothing happened mum, I just missed grandma and home was kinda boring that’s why.

My mum: are you sure?

Me: yes mum

My mum: I trust you……. Ahem! Don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you now, did you know that your brother had gonorrhea?

Me: you mean Daniel?

My mum: Yes! His dad is really mad at him

Me: Jesus Christ.

My mum: That boy is really spoilt, very spoilt and he flirts a lot, I don’t like that. Thank God I don’t have a child like that. My baby is still a virgin and doesn’t flirt.

Me: (swallowed spit) of course mum, I’m still a virgin (faked smile)

My mum: I trust my girl (she gave a high five) I missed you so much.

We talked and talked and talked. My step father came back, he joined the conversation. Daniel was in his room, I guess he was disappointed, gonorrhea? Seriously fear catch me, i just hope I’m not infected like this.

I was in my room, a knock on my door…

Me: who is that?

Daniel: its me….

Me: what do you want? Can’t you see it is late….


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