Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Part 6

I woke up in the midnight, I found myself naked, Daniel too was naked but asleep, I felt so bad, what have I done? I couldn’t cry cos what I did was so wrong. I touched my pussy I discovered it was seriously fucked by Daniel, I looked at Daniel dick, thinking I took this thing in my pussy, I looked at my pussy again feeling so ashamed, shaking my head. Daniel was just snoring like a fool on the bed, I got so angry and upset, I angrily spanked him.

Me: wake up, wake up… Daniel wake up

Misbehaving on bed, the snoring became annoying, tapped him harder again

Me: Daniel please wake up, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel

Daniel: (he yawned) what is it? Mehn I’m weak

Me: what happened between us?

Daniel: what did you mean? What kind of question is that?

Me: So we had se*x? (Sad)

Daniel: of course, is not that I raped you, you agreed, I didn’t force you.

Me: why would you have se*x with me? This is wrong, you’re my brother for Christ sake

Daniel: Stop it, you’re not a small girl, at least when I was doing it, you were not complaining, you were enjoying it and moreover we are not related in any way. So what’s the big deal, I enjoyed the se*x and I’m sure you enjoyed it too.

Me: Its unfair ooo, so you took the advantage of me because I’m a small girl abi.

Daniel: ( moved closer to me) what is wrong with you? Didn’t you enjoyed it? You wanted my dick don’t deny it.

He tried to kiss me again, I got annoyed and pushed him away..

Me: Stop it please, don’t you ever try that with me ever in your life. Don’t come near me ever in your life, you’re such a bad person. Stay away from me.

Daniel: whatever abeg. ( he hissed)

I got up from his bed using his bed sheet to cover my body and left his room with anger and disappointment. I got to my room, feeling so bad, I made mistake, Daniel wasn’t even bothered about it. I went to bathroom straight, I freshened up, washed my damaged pussy very well, cos I told my bf its been long I had se*x, so he’s expecting my pussy to be tight but Daniel has really expanded it. After freshen up, I picked up my phone to send my boyfriend a very annoying text  message for disappointing me, he was the one that caused everything that happened between me and my step brother. I checked my phone, I saw 8 missed calls from my boyfriend, I saw his text message. In his text message, he said he came to my place and he knocked on our door, nobody opened the door, he called me and I didn’t pick up, he said he’s around in his cousin’s place that lives down the street, he will be coming over in the morning. Can you imagine, it means me and Daniel were fucking when he was knocking on our door or probably I slept off after the se*x, gosh, I should have waited a little bit longer, I should have more patience. Why me, I’m so foolish right now…..


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