Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 1

In the hospital….

What should I do? I’m pregnant for my step brother, isn’t this ridiculous? How will I tell my parent? God help me I’m confused.

My mum: Who impregnated you Omolola? (Crying)

I couldn’t say a word, still on the sick bed, I was just crying, I looked at Daniel’s face, he looked at me winking at me not to say anything.

My mum: I thought you’re a virgin…… Haaaa! You’re a disappointed me.

She tried to descend on me on the sick bed, my stepfather quickly grabbed her. I was nervous, I kept on weeping.

Me: Mummy I’m sorry

My stepfather took my mum out of the ward, leaving me and Daniel alone. Daniel went on his knees and was begging.

Daniel: Please Omolola, I beg you in the name of God, please don’t tell them I’m the one, please I beg you, please (touching me and crying)

I couldn’t say a word, I was dumbfounded. Daniel kept on begging me not tell anyone about us, he was on his knees begging, his father walks in, he quickly got up and wipe away his tears, pretending as if nothing happened.

My step dad: Your mum is really mad at you, I’ve trying to calm her down. Stop crying okay, everything will be fine.

Using his handkerchief to wipe away my tears, petting me..

My Step dad: Stop crying dear.

He looks at Daniel’s face with surprise, cos Daniel was crying uncontrollable.

My step dad: Why are you crying?

Daniel: Me? Am I crying?….. I’m not crying

My Step dad: Are you alright? I can see tear falling from your eyes and you’re telling me you’re not crying.

Daniel touched his eyes and felt the tears dropping from his eyes, he was shivering, panicking.

Daniel: Oh! I guess I was sympathizing with Omolola

My step dad: Sympathizing?

Daniel: I mean……. I’m emotionally attached to this situation

My step dad: Emotionally attached to what? (Hissed)….. Whatever, go and check on my wife in the car I’ll join you guys soon.

Daniel: Okay sir!

While Daniel was leaving, he was just staring at me with this pitiful look, he got to the door, whispering to me not to tell anyone, begging me, his dad didn’t see him cos Daniel was behind him, I was the only one seeing Daniel….


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