Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 10


The next day it was on Saturday, a knock on my day..

Me: Who is that?

My stepfather: Its me

Me: Please go away, I don’t want to see you.

My stepfather: Stop acting like a baby, open the door okay

Me: So that you can come and rape to me again abi.

My stepbrother: Stop that, your brother is back, mind what you say. Please open this door..

Me: Leave me alone! Leave me, you and your son should leave me alone.

My stepfather: Fine!

He walks away… After few hours, a knock on my door again..

Me: Leave me alone, leave me alone, what do you want from me?

Daniel: Are you alright?

Me: Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, I’m the one…

I opened the door and allowed him come in

Daniel: Who are you fighting with?… You look dull, what happened to you?

Me: Nothing, I’m just weak

Daniel: Weak?… Anyway, would you come with me to a friend’s beach party? Its tomorrow

Me: What friend?… See I’m not interested

Daniel: You’re going, whether you like it or not, we are going, be ready by 2 pm tomorrow.

Me: I’m not sure, you better don’t put your mind to it.

Daniel: Okay then, we shall see…

Walking out of my room…

Daniel: Mehn! I’m hungry, please come and cook now, I went to the kitchen no cooked food except frozen ones, abeg come and cook something please.

Me: Go away!

Daniel: Please now

Me: Okay I’m coming

He walked out of my room… I cooked lunch and dinner that day, couldn’t look at my stepfather’s face, we barely say a word to each other, I was really angry at him. Daniel didn’t even notice anything, while 3 of us eating at the dinning table, my stepfather was just staring at me, flirting with me. I was so uncomfortable, so terrible. I was still surprised I had se*x with this man, my mother’s husband. Damn! I’m too loose..

That was how we continued having se*x ooo, this man kept on banging me, buying me gifts, giving me huge sum of money. He would leave his room everynight to come have se*x with me, he would come back so early for office to come have se*x with me, he was so obsessed with my pu*sy. He was really good at it, he’s so charming and seductive like his son. Like father like son, there was on time Daniel almost caught us. It happened on the dinning table after taking our dinner… My stepfather was kissing me really table, he lifted me on the dinning table, pulling off his shirt…

My stepfather: Let’s do it here, I’ve locked the door already

Me: Don’t you think what we are doing his wrong?

My stepfather: Its not wrong dear, I’m not your father, I can even make you my wife.

Me: Stop saying that, you keep saying such and I don’t like it. Let’s stop all these, what my mum? You know she would soon give birth I’m scared.

Kissing me, smooching me…

Me: Stop it Demola, Demola.

My stepfather: Okay, Okay, Okay… I promise to stop the moment you mum comes back to Nigeria, I promise.

Me: Nooooo! Demola let this be the last time, please. Demola please. (Playing with his tie)

My stepfather: Okay, this is the last time.

He continued kissing me, squeezing my boobs, loosening his belt, pulling off his trouser, pulled his boxers brought out his heavy erected dick, reached for my underwear in my mini skirt, removed my gstring, and inserted his di*k in my ass and began to bang me on the dinning table, giving it to me so hard, kissing me,

Me: Ha yes, Demola, yes

Moaning so hard, he was so fast

My stepfather: I love you baby, yes…

Doing it faster, I mistakenly used my hand fall a glass cup and it broke.

My stepfather: Yes!

ko, ko, ko, a knock on the door… ” Why did they locked this door?”


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