Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 12


Ever since the day Daniel almost caught us, I’ve noticed he was always coming home everyday, he sleeps at home regularly, so it was so hard for my stepfather to have se*x with me. My stepfather was complaining bitterly, he even suggested we visit a hotel, I declined cos I was scared, what if someone caught us entering the hotel together? So I told it wasn’t possible, he became frustrated one day that he grabbed me from behind in the kitchen while I was cooking…

My stepfather: Let’s do it here, I’ll be very fast.

Me: What?…. No, no, no, Daniel is at home now

Forcing himself on me, kissing my neck, squeezing my b00bs, holding me so tight

My stepfather: Daniel can’t catch us, he’s upstairs playing a video game, so he can’t catch us. I’ll be very fast, quickie

Me: Ooooooooh! No, no, no not here

He quickly unzipped his short trouser, brought out his erected d*ck, lifted up my mini skirt, pulling off my gstring

Me: Ha! Stop now, Demola

Kissing me from behind, he used his two hands to open my ass wide and inserted his d*ck into my p*ssy from behind.

My stepfather: Yes! (Moans)

Me: Ha! (Moans)

He brought out his d*ck and inserted it again, as he was about to start banging, we heard a sound of a door being closed.

Daniel: Omolola, what are you cooking now?

It was Daniel coming downstairs from his room, we adjusted ourselves, wore my gstring, he was adjusting his erected d*ck in his trouser, he quickly went to the refrigerator as Daniel entered the kitchen

Daniel: Girl, what have you been cooking? I’m freaking hungry

He moved closer to his dad and hugged him from behind

Daniel: What’s up nigga?…. Dad what’s up with what I told you?

My stepfather brought out a fruit juice from the refrigerator while I was busy cooking

My stepfather: I told you I don’t have that kind of money at home, it would be later

Daniel: Later? Give me your ATM to go withdraw

My stepfather: I’ll rather give the armed robbers my ATM

Pouring the fruit juice in a glass cup

Daniel: You don’t trust…. Wait Dad, what’s up with the boner alert? Moreover you’re wet, are you missing your wife?

Oh my God, I was nervous, I quickly cleaned my hands and rushed out of the kitchen. Like father, like son, useless people.


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