Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 14


I went to Festus’ place instead of school, I had se*x with him as usual, like I said earlier, I don’t have choice. I need to shut him up, my stepfather and stepbrother won’t dare to tell my mum cos they both have fault, so the only person I’m worried about his Festus revealing the secret, cos if Festus reveal the secret, Daniel will also want to reveal the affair between me and his father, so I just have to be wise. I wouldn’t want to give my mum heart attack.

I was spending most time in my friend’s place, I come home late after that terrible incident. Did you know that my stepfather kept on sending silly messages to me, telling me he misses me, telling we should it for that last time, telling me we shouldn’t bother about Daniel since he’s also got dirty secret. The foolish wouldn’t let me rest, Daniel too was also sending me text messages that we should continue from where we stopped or else he’s gonna tell my mother and he doesn’t care what will happen. Can you imagine, Demola, Daniel and Festus all hanging on my neck. This is so serious than I expected, I caused this myself.

Few days later, my stepfather travelled out of the country. I was once again home alone with Daniel this time, come and see the way Daniel was frustrating me in that house, so frustrating. Daniel was practically naked forcing and struggling with me in my room.

Daniel: Omolola, what is wrong with you? Didn’t you miss me? I will use condoms this time I swear.

Me: Leave me alone, I’m not doing, condom or no condoms.

Daniel: I’ve been begging you all these while to have se*x with me, you ended up screwing my father and me I’ve been begging you. Is he better than me?

Me: Don’t even go there

Daniel: So he’s better than me abi?

Struggling with me, forcing himself on me..

Me: Daniel, leave me alone

Daniel: Okay do you want me to tell your mum about you and my dad?

Me: Go ahead, suit yourself, you also have yours too

Daniel: Sure, but you know she won’t take mine personally like my father’s own. Her daughter sleeping with her husband? Think twice girl, mine is just little.

I was moved with those words, that’s actually true you know. Which is worse? Me and my stepbrother or me and my stepfather? I think the later one is more dangerous.

Daniel: Do you want me to tell her?… Omolola please now, even if it is for once, abeg. Do you want me to go on my knees?

I was confused seriously, so gullible…

He moved closer, and began to kiss me, that was it…

Me: Daniel why are you doing this to me?

We began to kiss hard, pulling off my night gown, he grabbed my b00bs and began to suck my nipples, dipped his finger in my pussy and began to finger me really hard, kissing me, squeezing my b00bs, he did it again, he began to eat my pussy, sucking it so mildly, damn! Moaning, moaning, moaning

Me: Where is your condom?

Daniel: We don’t need condom, I promise I won’t cum, I will withdraw.

I pushed him away…


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