Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 15


Me: No way…

Daniel: Okay, Okay, its in my trouser

He quickly got up so fast, picked his trouser on the floor and brought out pack of condoms from the pocket.

Wore the condom, laid on me and began to pound me, banging me, hitting me so damn hard. Different styles, he lifted me up positioned me on the tip of the bed, we were doing it tip by tip of the bed. He turned over, I sat on him and began to ride him so sweet, slowly and faster, squeezing my boos while riding him, doing so so smooth. He turned me over again and began to go so fast this time, doing so fast, pounding me so damn fast.

Me: Daniel, Daniel (Panting, moaning)

I was squirting already, squirting, he slide his dick, I kept on squirting, he inserted it again and began to pound me so damn again, squirting again

Me: Daniel, Stop please, when are you going to cum (panting)

Pounding me so hard, banging me

Daniel: No no no, I’m about to cum

Kissing me, squeezing me, banging me, turned me backward and was doing it from behind, banging me so damn crazy.

Me: Daniel are you on drugs? (Panting)

He kept on banging, doing the scissors style, banging for straight 1 hour till he finally cum. Oh My God!

Both of us breathing heavily, panting, so weak.

Daniel: Does my father does it like this (breathing heavily)

Me: Maybe (breathing heavily)…

Daniel: I miss you

Me: I miss you too

He began to kiss me till we slept off.

I kept on having se*x with Daniel in that house, I was having se*x with Festus too. I became tired of Festus but he was becoming so dangerous and scary with his threats, I wanted to inform Daniel but, I just had to keep silent cos I would look like cheap whore, sleeping with different people.


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