Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 16


My stepfather and mum finally returned home, the whole house was peaceful. Joyous, so peaceful. I met my younger brother, little baby. His name is Tokunbo. Anyway, me and mum gist as usual, while me and mum were both chatting in the sitting room, Daniel was winking at me, my stepfather was also winking at me flirting with me. Sometimes my stepfather and Daniel’s face will jammed staring at each other with anger. So funny…

My stepfather was disturbing me seriously, he kept on disturbing me, he began to question me if I was having se*x with Daniel, warning me to stay off Daniel. He was being jealous, Daniel too was also telling me to stay away from his father, so stupid of them, all because of my pussy. So one day, I was home alone with Daniel that day, I purposely didn’t go to school cos ever since my mum came back its been so hard to have se*x with Daniel and my stepfather, so my mum went for antenatal, I was busy making love with Daniel, having hot se*x with Daniel. To my surprise, I heard a knock on the door, I wasn’t expecting my mum to be back that early. Daniel quickly jumped up, wore his clothes and hid in the bathroom. I quickly wore my clothes and went to open the door downstairs. I opened the door it was my stepfather.

Me: What are you doing here?

My stepfather: Are you the only one at home?

Me: Yes!

My stepfather: Thank God, I quickly rushed from the office, this is the only opportunity we have, my body is full, I’m so horny, I need you baby.

He began to kiss me, forcing himself on me, squeezing my b00bs. Closed the door, he carried me to my room. On the bed, pulling his office clothes, kissing me, smooching me, began to bang me, banging me, pounding me, doing it so fast, banging me, hitting me really hard. Moaning, then a knock on the door. Ko, ko, ko “Omolola this is unfair ooo”. Oh my God, I’ve totally forgot Daniel was in my bathroom. My stepfather got scared and quickly got up and wore his clothes

My stepfather: Who is that? (Tightening his belt)

Daniel: Dad It is me

My stepfather: Daniel? What are you doing there?

He went straight to the bathroom and opened the door and brought him out.

My stepfather: I’m so disappointed in you, so so disappointed.

Daniel: I’m also disappointed in you

My stepfather: Will you shut up? Omolola I told you stay away from this boy.

My phone began to ring, a cal from Festus, he’s been calling me since but I didn’t pick his calls. Festus was also demanding for se*x, I was so horny that day and I needed dick but things got awkward with Daniel and his father meeting in my room at the same time.

I quickly wore my clothes to go get a dick somewhere else, I wore my clothes to go meet Festus since its impossible to have se*x with both father and son together.

My stepfather: Omolola, where are you going?

Me: I don’t have time for you guys, I’m going somewhere else.

My stepfather: No baby, we haven’t finish now.

Daniel: Omolola you know we’ve already planned this thing, we planned it first

My stepfather: Will you shut up?

I wore my clothes, picked my cross bag, opened the door..

Me: See you guys later

Daniel and Stepfather: Omolola please now.

That was how I left them and went straight to Festus’ place to satisfy myself. It was funky!


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