Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 17


The whole thing became boring for me at the end of the day, I wasn’t feeling them anymore and it was becoming too risky to the extent that Daniel was always fighting with his father over me, they were always have heated arguement over little things. My mother was beginning to suspect my stepfather was cheating on him, everything became worse and upside. Daniel, my stepfather and Festus kept on disturbing me, I’m not a dog now. Am I a dog? I decided to stay away from the three of them, Daniel was threatening me, Festus was also threatening me while my stepfather was frustrating me. I lost concentration, I began to regret why I got myself into this mess, I was so nervous. To the extent that Festus even came to our house to reveal the secret just because I refused to give him se*x, I was so scared that day when I saw him. I had to beg him and went to his place the second day to have se*x with him.

My mother noticed my attitude, she noticed I wasn’t happy, she began to ask questions. I begged my stepbrother and stepfather to let’s stop the whole affair, they wouldn’t listen. I stayed away from them and that was it, I stayed away from the for some weeks, I didn’t see my period again. I became pregnant again, who is the father? I don’t know, is it my stepfather? Or Daniel or maybe Festus? They both had se*x with me with condoms and flesh.

I informed my stepfather about it and he gave me money to go abort it cos I wouldn’t let my hear about this, not again, she would skin me alive. She’s a nursing mother also, I wouldn’t want to jeopardise anything, I just had to go for the abortion cos of my mother and I need to keep our secret. I’ve had abortion before so it wasn’t scary anymore. Sincerely speaking, I shouldn’t have gone for the abortion, “what we don’t want the leader will not hear, the leader will eventually become the one to settle it”. The abortion turned out worse, I was bleeding heavily, the abortion was badly done by an unqualified nurse introduced to me by my friend. My mother finally heard about my pregnancy, she was totally disappointed.

My mum: Omolola, I’m totally disappointed in you.

She was so sad, she was feeling like a bad mother. I cried bitterly…


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