Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 2, Part 18


My mum: Who impregnated you again? Ha, you this girl, you’ve totally ruined your life, you’ve damaged your womb.

Me: My womb

Both of us crying bitterly, my stepfather and stepbrother couldn’t come visit me in the hospital, they were just sending text messages not to tell my mum

My mum: You can’t have a child again, your womb has been destroyed. Why did you do this to me? Why? Why Omolola?

Me: Mummy I’m sorry

My mum: You’re sorry? Ha! The person that impregnated you will die in prison, I would make the person’s life miserable.

Me: I’m dead, my womb (crying bitterly, touching my stomach)

My mum: Who impregnated you? (Shouting)

Me: Mummy I can’t say it… (Crying)

My mum: Talk before I descend on you, Is it Festus?

Me: Haaaaa! (Shaking my head, nodding my head)

My mum: Are you mad?

Me: He’s one of them ooo

My mum: What do you mean?

Me: Mummy they are three oooo, mummy I’m sorry

My mum: Jesus christ! Omolola has turn to a full time whore… Who are they?

Me: Festus, Daniel and Demola

My mum: Who is Daniel and Demola?

Me: At home

My mum: Which home? Are you alright

Me: It is the same Daniel and Demola yourrrrr….

My mum: Oh my God! Your step…. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, this is hard for me to believe.

Me: I’m sorry mum.

My mum sat on the floor in the hospital, weeping so hard. That was how my mum found out about the whole issue, I told her everything, she arrested Festus and locked him for rape, filed for divorce, taking total custody of Tokunbo and the house, sent me to my father’s family to go and leave with them. That was how I lost the love and trust of my mother out of stupidity.

*****THE END*****


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  1. Wow,,, this is the most wooow
    Story i’ve ever read. it yoruba girls can cheaful, even amongs relative on the other hand.Daniel and the father are replical of insects like the bittle wich met For days

  2. this is interesting,I think quick girls like her should always tell their parents or relatives anything they can’t handle.nice story.waiting for another interesting story again.

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