Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 12


In the room…. I’ve told him everything that happened, i was on the bed, while he sat on the couch. He encouraged me, he told me it wasn’t my fault, he said my cousin caused it. Is that true? Was he sincere or was just deceiving me? Anyway, we discussed at length, we talked about my mother and him, they are divorced, he’s single, he told me how he was having difficulties to reach his child with my mother. He said , he hasn’t found anyone, even though him and my mum became sworn enemies after the bad scenario. One of the oops moment, was when he said Daniel was living with him. What? Daniel is living in this same house? How am i gonna cope? I started having flashback…. After advising me, he got up, pulling off his trouser, i was a little bit nervous, why is he pulling of his trouser? He pulled off his shirt as well, the most shocking part is when he pulled off his boxers, OH MY GOD…

Me: What are you doing?

I quickly covered my eyes with the pillow… My stepfather, smiling.

Me: Are you sleeping in this room?

Stepfather: Its not a new thing to you… and here do you expect me to sleep? (flirting)

He picked a towel and went straight to the bathroom. I hope this man is not sleeping in this room with me. My phone began to ring again, my Uncle, calling again. Fear catch me, i can’t pick it, i put it to silence cos it would be disrespectful to switch it off.

He got out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his thigh. He joined me on the bed, i didn’t look at him, i pretended as if i was asleep. So this man is gonna sleep with me in this room, i just pray he doesn’t tresspass. He switched off the light, i couldn’t sleep, how can i sleep now. Honestly i was restless, for the fact that i’ve gone through or i’m going through a lot… I was facing the other side, while he was facing the other side on the bed, for several minutes, i couldn’t sleep, i couldn’t close my eyes, after some few minutes, he slept off cos he was snoring already. What a relief, he’s asleep, i need to sleep to get my mind at rest. I’ve been through hell that day, it wasn’t easy for me, i was just so unhappy but as you know, life goes on, i slept off. Thinking my stepfather won’t touch me…. Lord have mercy on men!!!

In the midnight….. I felt someone touching me, touching me, as touching me. I actually thought it was a dream… ‘Omolola’, ‘Omolola’, whispering my name, i woke up, am i dreaming?

Me: What are you doing?

My stepfather: I miss you, Omolola i really miss you.

He was saying this in a sexual tone, flirting really hard with me, this man was just seducing me.

Me: No, no, stop please, i can’t.

I pushed him away, but this man wouldn’t let me be.

Stepfather: Omolola, don’t you miss me? I know you miss me.

Me: No, please sir, mr Demola please…

Stepfather: Shhhhhhh! Call me Demola…. What is wrong with you? I want you to marry me, ever since the last time i just can’t stop thinking about you. I’m in love with you, i’m serious this time.

Trying to kiss me…. I dogded it

Me: What is all these? Marry me? No, no, no… Are you drunk? What about my mother?

Stepfather: Divorced, remember? See you shouldn’t bother about your mother, do you even still have a mother, she’s not a good mother.

Me: Please stop saying such…

Stepfather: A good mother will never disown her daughter because of a mere mistake. She’s no longer your mother, can’t you see that? I’m sinlge and i wanna marry you.


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