Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 13


Me: What? Am i dreaming? Please somebody wake me up.

Stepfather: I’m real, i love you Omolola, i love you more than your worthless mother. Erase your mother from you life, she doesn’t love you, she wouldn’t have abandoned you to unknown people.

This man was really getting into my head, honestly, don’t you think he’s right? Why would my mother abandon me, she truly does not love. She has cut me off, i guess the best thing for me is to also cut her off from my life. But is it appropriate to have s*x with him, her ex husband?

Stepfather: Omolola, if you give me the chance, i promise to make you happy. I would give you everything you want, i would make sure you go back to school, i’ll get you anything you want, just be mine.

He moved closer to and planted a deep kiss on my lips, that was it, the kissing continued..

Stepfather: Say yes…

Me: I don’t know

Kissing me, it was becoming intense, moaning, he dipped his fingers in my shirt and was squeezing my Bosom, he began to play with my Tips with fingers as he was kissing me, kissing me, he pulled ogg my shirt and was sucking my Tips, squeezing it so hard, sucking it, moaning, moaning, reached for my panties, dipped his fingers in my Kittycat and began to finger me, damn, my step father is crazy.


Me: Awww, Demola stop…

Moaning really sweet, he pulled off my panties, and went down with his tongue out, reached for my Kittycat and was eating it so raw, he was eating me really raw, i couldn’t help but to moan so hard, as he was eating he was also fingering simultanaeously, damn it, this the best way to relief the tension. He got up, standing on the bed with his erected Joystick, move closer to me, his Joystick pointing to me, as i grabbed his Joystick and began to suck him, he was standing on the bed, i was sitting on the bed while i was blowjobbing him. As i was sucking him, he held my head with his hand and was moaning so loud.

Stepfather: i wanna fu*k you…

He removed, bent low, sucking my Tips, reached for my abdomen sucking it, wow, my stepfather is not upto 50 years but he doesn’t look forties, he’s good at it. He began to bang me so hard, moaning, doing the scissors style, i was just screaming as he was banging me, squeezing my Bosom, banging me, he lifted me and continued banging so hard, pounding me, pushed me on the bed, hitting me hard, i began to Pour, squirting so hard, he continued banging me, pounding, hitting me, he wasn’t slow at all, no mercy at all… He kept on saying..

Stepfather: I miss you

Banging me, banging me, he went so deep as he was about to Pour…

Me: Haaaaa! Please Pour

Going deep, doing it so deep as he finally Pour inside me. Breathing heavily, Demola is the best ever… You can never compare Demola to DeSmond, my stepfather has it all. Wait a minute, was i suppose to have s*x despite what happened in Akure?


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