Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 15


So i went for the shopping that day, i got all the things i want, my stepfather was so sweet. I’m falling for him already, i think i should just marry him so that i can continue my education and live a better life. Since my mum and everyone has rejected me, i have to stay with someone that is ready take me as i am and that is my stepfather, Demola. After the crazy, cab dropped me home, i got home, oh, Daniel and his ugly girlfriend were still around. I met them in the sitting room seeing a movie, greeted them as i went straight to the room. I hate that girl, she has mouth odour sef, Mariam, what kind of name. I was so disturbed when i saw the both of them cuddled up in the sitting room, rubbish. Stupid children. Already in my room, testing the clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories i bought. Then i heard a knock on the door.

Me: Who is that?

It was Daniel, he entered…

Me: Hi

Daniel: Hi? What are you doing here? What is going on?

Me: Didn’t you get the memo?

Daniel: Memo? What is happening? What is going on between you and my dad?

Me: Do you need an interpreter to explain better? Isn’t it obvious?

Daniel: What happened to you in Akure?

Me: None of your business

Daniel: Why haven’t you been picking my calls all these while.

Me: I saw your missed calls

He was moving closer to me….

Daniel: You and my Dad

Me: Please, you coming closer which is highly unacceptable cos i’m about to be your step mum.

Daniel burst into laughter…

Me: What’s funny?

Daniel: Did you hear yourself?

Me: Please go and meet your razz girlfriend

Daniel: Razz girlfriend?…. Wait, are you jealous?

Me: Huh! Jealous of what?…. Please Daniel, excuse me, as you can see i’m busy, kindly excuse me.

Daniel was trying to get closer… I quickly moved away, jumped on the bed.

Me: What is all these?

Daniel: Did you miss me?

Me: What? No, no, God forbid, i rebuke it in Jesus name. Miss you? Daniel, go away abeg.

Daniel has started again with his seduction ooo. Those eyes, i had this rush all over me.

Daniel: You don’t miss me?

Me: No, never.

Daniel: Neither do i

What? He didn’t miss me? Gosh, this boy is mad.

Me: Okay fine, can you leave now?

Daniel: Alright, talk to you later

Me: Whatever

He walked out of the room, haaaa, what a sigh of relief. Honestly, if Daniel came more closer, the unexpected would happened. I still find it hard to resist this boy, what is wrong with me. I just have to fight it, i have to overcome Daniel asap. I pray i survive all these in this house cos Daniel will surely come back again. Hopefully!!!


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