Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 17


So one day in the evening, i was in the room, i received a call from my Uncle, i didn’t pick it, i couldn’t pick. Why are they still calling me? He continued calling, i didn’t pick it. Then he sent a text message, begging me to come back home, begging me to tell them where are i am and that they are not angry with me. I felt bad, i couldn’t believe it, should i go back to Akure and apologize since they want me back, he even claimed my paternal grandmother has been ill because of me. I felt bad, i dunno if i should go. Later in the day, i informed my stepfather about it.

In the room…

Stepfather: Don’t mind them, don’t even dare to go back, they are only deceiving you. What do you want to go and do in Akure sef? They don’t anything good to offer you, didn’t they abandon you?

Me: They didn’t actually, it was me that didn’t pick their calls.

Stepfather: Why can’t they go to the TV station to announce you’re missing or police station? Is it now they remember you?

Me: What about my grandmother? She is ill, she want to see me.

Stepfather: Your grandmother? When did you know herself that she is ill because of you? You just met her no too long like that, so why the sudden affection?

Me: She’s my grandmother

Stepfather: But she rejected you and your mother when you were still in the belly remember? She never liked you, she’s only using you as substitute because her wicked son, who is you dad died mysteriously.

Me: But….

Stepfather: Honestly, i don’t know why you want to go back to them, those wicked people people that rejected you and your mother, that they denied you and mother. Have you forgotten? Moreover, so you want to abandon me and go back to them, you didn’t even think about me…

Me: No, you’re getting it wrong

Stepfather: Wrong? Go if you wanna go

He hissed and walked out of the room angrily.

Me: Demola, Demola….

Oh my God, what am i gonna do? What should i do? Should i go back to Akure? But wait a minute, my stepfather is actually right, those my father’s people don’t really worth it like that, they truly denied us.

Oh my God, my baby is angry, Demola is angry, i need to apologize. I’m not going to Akure anymore, i will stay herw ith my boo, Akure is even boring sef, no social life, Desmond? How do i look at his face? I quickly ran after my baby to apologize to him.

On the dining table…

Me: sweetheart, i’m sorry…

Demola was giving me silent treatment, angry…

Me: I’m sorry now….

I sat on his laps, kissing him…

Me: I’m sorry love…

He smiled and kissed me back…

Stepfather: Are you still leaving?

Me: No, i wanna marry you…

We continued kissing, kissing, kissing, i stopped…

Me: Baby, we need housemaid.

Stepfather: Huh?

Me: Yes now, the whole house is dirty, i can’t be doing all these house chores by myself and you know your son is lazy.

Stepfather: Okay we would talk about that later, but can we continue from where we stopped?

Me: Yes

We continued kissing, kissing, kissing..


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