Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 22


Although, i’ve been complaining that i need a maid in the house, thank God he brought this one to us. Making it easy for me, i told my stepfather about itm he kicked against, he wasn’t in support of it, i begged him but was just so adamant that he doesn’t want maid in his house. I begged him seriously, he didn’t listen oo, i decided to keep malice with him, i even insulted him.

Me: Since you people want to turn me to slave in this house i’ll just pack my things and go back to Akure

Stepfather: Are you crazy?

We had heated argument over this issue, to the extent that i was already packing my things, to go be the glory, i won the battle cos he accepted.

The following day, Alero came, i introduced to him as the new maid, while doing that, the pervert walked in.

Daniel: Good afternoon Dad.

Stepfather: Daniel, you’ve started again.

Walked passed without a greeting, went to meet his Dad.

Daniel: Sorry i didn’t come home last night, i should have informed you.

I just hissed, talking to the girl…

Me: So welcome to our house, i hope you will be a good a girl. Let me show you your room

Daniel: And what is going on here? Who is she?

Me: Are you asking me or your father?

Stepfather: Omolola…

Me: What? Didn’t you see he didn’t greet me when he entered. Well, this is Alero, our new housemaid.

Daniel looked surprised…

Daniel: Housemaid?

Me: Yes, housemaid. Alero that’s oga’s son, his name is Daniel, call him Daniel not uncle Daniel, just Daniel, he’s very rude and a pervert too, don’t stay close to him

Daniel: Dad, did you hear that

Stepfather: Omolola, stop that and show the girl her room

Me: Okay dear

I took the girl to her room…

Daniel: This girl is just a bit*ch

Stepfather: What did you say?

Daniel: Nothing, i didn’t say anything. Nothing…

Yea, i finally have a housemaid in the house. Less i forgot, that same night, i received an international call, i picked it the call, it was my mother, when i heard her voice, i quickly cut it off. I was scared of talking to her, i can’t, i just cant.

She continued calling me, i quickly went downstairs to meet my stepfather with my phone ringing. I was panicking

Me: Demola, my mum is calling

Stepfather: Your mum? What does she want?

Me: I don’t know ooo, i’m scared

Stepfather: Scared of what? Give me the phone let me talk to her.

Me: Talk to her?

Stepfather: Yes

He grabbed the phone from my hand, picked the call and began to say..

Stepfather: Hello, this is Demola, your ex husband. Don’t you ever call my wife Omolola again, we are getting married soon, she has disowned you. Where is my son? You ran away with my son, where is my son? You will be hunt down, you will give me my son back.

He switched off the phone… I was surprised he would such

Me: Why would you say such?

Stepfather: Cos I love you

Me: You love me?

Stepfather: Yes i do and nobody will take you away from me, not even your mother, until she return my son.

I was shocked, he got up picked his car keys

Me: Where are you going at this time?

He didn’t reply me as he left and shut the door. What is happening?


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