Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 3


(Narrating) Like i said earlier on, that’s my uncle, he’s rich, handsome, in his 40s i guess, he’s an IT expert/politician, my family are even popular in Akure. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sarah are married with 2 kids, they are all nice to me, they’ve been nice to me actually. But its not enough cos deep down inside me, i am not happy at all.

On the dinning table eating with Uncle Kenny and his wife, just the three of us…

I miss my mother, my maternal grand mother also rejected me. I feel bad, really bad. I stopped schooling, planning on obtaining jamb form so that i can start all over again, in private institution, courtesy of Uncle Kenny and his wife. I didn’t even talk about my step brother and step father anymore, well, the two perverts has been disturbing me ever since i left, they call me almost everyday. My stepfather begging me to come back to Lagos, that he misses me, same as my stupid step brother Daniel. Mad people, can you imagine, they are not even remorseful over what happened. My step father want me to take my mother’s position since they have divorced. Honestly, men are dogs, all men are dogs actually.

A cute, hot, s*xy** teenage boy walks in…. ‘Hi Mum, Hi Dad…. Hey Omolola’ he said….
Well, well, well, that’s Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sarah’s first child and only son.

We greeted him as he joined us on the dining table to have dinner…

His name is Desmond, he’s 19 years old, i’m older with one year and some months, he looks older than his age, he has the same stature with Daniel, Desmond is extremely s*xy** and handsome with chiseled six pack, damn! Lord help me! He’s a 300L student of Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state. I told you they have two kids right? Their second child is a girl, she’s still in secondary school, boarding school precisely.

Living with them is boring, cos i’m lonely, i missed my mum. I missed her so much, i know i have hurt her but i’m still her daughter she shouldn’t just abandon me just like that. Akure is boring, i’m always home alome, husband and wife would have gone to office while Desmond has gone to school, staying home alone brings back dirty memories and dirty thoughts. Being home was one of the worst thing, especially a depressed someone like me, being home alone is good for now at least my step brother is not here to seduce me or have se*x with me. Seriously, i kinda missed se*x, i missed how Daniel used to give it to me…. Oh my God, let me not lie, i’m se*x starved, i’m caged in this house, i don’t know if i should get a new boyfriend or something. I just don’t know what’s happening to me lately, my sexual urge has been so increasing, the desire to have se*x again is killing me but who? Who is going to have se*x with me? No one, i shouldn’t be talking about se*x you know, i guess it because of loneliness.

I normally do visit my grandmother, once in while, when ever i’m extremely bored. Cos its always in the evening that they all come back home, sometimes i cook dinner for them should incase Aunty Sarah comes back late or tired to cook.

The whole thing was turning out to be peaceful as i was learning and adapting, letting go of my past, but the only thing i was fighting it was my libido. I now derive pleasure in masturbation to ease myself of the sexual desire. I’m really finding it hard to control, i guess my past experience has affected me. I just pray i don’t end up having se*x with my Uncle, God forbid, just kidding, such can never happen but a similar thing did happened to me under the same roof. That was the beginning of destruction, total destruction. Just keep following me for my terrible ordeal with him…. I regretted ever falling into such temptation, i don’t know what is wrong with me, it seems i was cursed, i was deeply cursed, maybe dog took away or is it ate my placenta when i was a baby.

Honestly i really fucked up, i just messed up in a big way.


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