Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 31


One afternoon, i was summoned that my lawyer has come bail me out. Lawyer? I don’t have a lawyer. Who could that be? I didn’t inform anyone about my arrest. I was surprised, i saw the lawyer but i don’t know the lawyer, i’ve never seen him in my entire life. How come he’s come to bail me out. I was eventually released to the lawyer, leaving the police station with Lawyer, outside of the police i saw my mother. I was shocked, she leaned on a black jeep. I was so nervous and ashamed of myself.

We moved closer to her…

My mum: Thank you so much lawyer, i really do appreciate it.

Lawyer: You’re welcome ma, just make sure she’s available anytime the police needs her attention. Please ma…

My mum: I wil definitely do, thank you so much… I will get in touch.

Lawyer: Alright ma.

The lawyer left….

My mum: Get into the car

She said without looking at my face… I was nervous, i quickly entered. The driver drove out , while driving, i noticed we were four in the car. The driver driving, a lady in the front seat, i didn’t see her face while me and mum was at the back seat. I couldn’t look at my mum’s face, the atmosphere was so silent, nobody was talking.

Me: Mummy i’m sorry, please forgive me…

She didn’t reply, she didn’t even look at my face, i was crying, begging her. After getting to a certain junction, the car stopped, she brought out a brown envelope filled with money.

My mum: Bisi, thank you so much for a job well done, here is you balance.

Oh my God, the lady in the front seat was actually Alero, my housemaid. Bisi?

Me: Alero?

Alero/Bisi: Hello, Omolola.

She collected the envelope from my mum.

Alero/Bisi: It was so nice working with you ma, thank so much. And i hope it is complete?

She opened the envelope and checked the money… What is going?

My mum: Of course, but please just make sure you leave the country as soon possible. Leave the country…

Alero/Bisi: No problem, thank so much…

She opened the door, got down…

My mum: I will get in touch

They bid farewell as the drove off, i was dumbfounded… But wait a minute, is that not Alero? When did Alero become Bisi? I asked my mum..

Me: Mummy what is going on?

She smiled…

My mum: Do the calculation…

Calculation? What is the meaning of that? I’m confused, wait, wait, wait, oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God, it was a setup, Alero was all setup, oh my God, Daniel is innocent, he was framed, he’s innocent, my mother planned it all, my mother and Alero killed Demola and framed Daniel who was drunk that night….

My mum: We are living the country soon, but first i will make sure that boy rots in jail.



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