Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 4


On the couch in the sitting room, a s*xy** dude
banging me really hard, pounding me so damn
hard, we were both Unclad as he was hitting
me hard. I was moaning really hard, kissing me,
pounding me, i began to squirt, screaming, he
kept on banging me, squeezing my boobs as he
lift me up and bend me over and began to
pound me from behind. ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ moaning
really loud, squirting, moaning, legs are
shaking, i couldn’t take it anymore, the banging
continued, he was pounding me so fast, doing
it really fast.

All of a sudden, someone
mentioned my name and tapped me…. I woke
up, Jeez!!! It was a dream, why would anyone
wake me up, when i was enjoying myself in the
dreamland. It was Desmond that woke me up,
he came home so early from school, they have
started exams… I was wet, i quickly adjusted
myself, tried to conceal it.

Me: Desmond….
Desmond: You left the doors open, go inside
and sleep now
Me: Oh, i slept off… You’re back early today
Desmond: Exams….
Me: Oh that’s you started today right?
Desmond: Yup…. And don’t ask me how was it
cos it was tedious, the silly lecturer asked us
what he didn’t teach us. Can you imagine, i
didn’t have choice than to carry expo ooo, like
my coursemates too
Me: What? Malpractice? That’s bad, you should
have read harder now. Its so wrong
Desmond: I wasn’t the only one ooo, almost
everyone carried expo, those questions were
too hard, just too hard…. The most annoying
part was that, each questions carries 4 more
questions, 1A, 1B, 1C…. So frustrating…
Me: (laughing) Eyah…. I feel your pain, is the
man a professor?
Desmond: What do you expect?…. See, i’, going
to my room to study, i’ve got 2 papers
tomorrow. I don’t want tomorrow to be like
today’s own. Thank God, you want to go to a
private University.

As he was going to his room…

Me: Won’t eat something?
Desmond: Later…

He went to his room… I quickly checked my
under, i was wet, ewww. Wait a minute, the
dude i was having se*x with in my dream is
actually my cousin, Desmond. I’m so crazy
right, but like seriously i enjoyed that dream of
mine. I quickly rushed to my room to clean my
wet vagina.


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