Abomination With My Step Brother [A Story] – Season 3, Part 6


Me: Desmond what is wrong with you? Give it to me back, i’m not in the mood.

Desmond: Oya come and get it then (He said it in akure accent)

Me: Stop all these….

I moved closer to him trying to drag the novel from him, struggling with him…

Me: Give me novel, give me my novel

All of a sudden we both fell on the floor, as in i was on top of him, the whole house became silent, we began to stare at each other, both of us were dumbfounded, could you believe that Desmond began to lean his head forward trying to lip lock with me, he tried to kiss me, it wasn’t easy to resist the temptation but i overcame it.

Me: What are you trying to do?

I quickly stood up, he held my waist…

Me: Stop it…

I got up…

Me: Desmond what was that? You were trying to kiss me or what?

Desmond: Sort of…. No biggie

Me: Really? Please give me my novel and let me go back to my room

The stupid boy dipped the novel inside his boxers while still laying on the floor…

Desmond: Oya come and take it here (pointing his fingers to his penis)

Me: Eeeeew! You’re so disgusting…

Desmond: Stop acting as if this is your first time.

Me: What do you mean by that? Daniel i don’t like all these…. Ohhh, Desmond i mean (Slip of tongue)

Desmond: Atleast you had with him, he’s your step brother remember…

He got up, smilling…. I was really with his utterances.

Me: So you want to use that against me or what?

I walked away from him cos i discovered he was having erection.

Desmond: But there is no big deal in cousins having se*x, we are not related, moreover we are distance cousins.

I was surprised he could say such, so annoying.

Me: Distance cousins?

I walked far away from him, to go sit on the couch

Desmond: Sort of… Atleast we just found out we are cousins. See, i don’t find anything bad in us corpulating.

Me: Jesus christ… You are a devil

Desmond: Devil? See, my friend Dapo, i’m sure you know him, he’s having se*x with his cousin, and they didn’t die, so many of them like that, nothing special, we are not of the same father and mother. Having se*x together will make us bond more sef…

Me: Desmond are you on drugs? What are you saying? Please don’t make me report you to your parent.

Desmond: What is wrong with you? Stop acting acting holier than thou. Didn’t you fuck your stepbrother and step father? If you can do that, why can’t you have se*x with your cousin.

I was so angry…

Me: I can see you’ve gone mad…

Walking away from the sitting room, heading for my for my room.

Desmond: Come and take your novel o

Me: God forbid…. (tapping my fingers)

Went striaght to my room, locked the door, i locked the door, scared of him coming to my room to rape me. I got to my room and my body began to shiver, i was shivering, sweating, shaking. I don’t know why, i was shocked such is about to repeat itself again.

The following day i picked some of my things are went to my paternal grandmother’s place. I had informed my uncle his wife before leaving, i decided to leave that house in other to abstain from committing another attrocity. Having se*x with my cousin is even worse, the worst ever. I am fragile, i know myself, i can fall for this, so its better i just stay the hell away from that house for some weeks. That was what i did, i went to my grandmother’s place, just to ease myself the tension. Honestly it didn’t help the matter, cos i keep thinking about what happened between me and him and or what he said, i was having this terrible flashback of him saying we are distance cousins so we can have se*x, its just keep haunting me, ‘there is no big deal’…. That was even small, Desmond didn’t let me rest, he called several times but i didn’t pick his calls, the he began to send bizzare text messages, he was sending love messages, sexual contents, he said he’s obssessed with me, he’s fallen in love with. Justifying himself, convincing me that we can have se*x as cousins and secret lovers. I had already planned to stay with my grandmother’s place for few days, i decide to stay with her over 2 weeks, not until i was told Sharon was back from school, that was when i went back home. Sharon is their last child and only daughter, she’s just 14 years in SS 1. I went back home because of Sharon and the fact that, it won’t be just me and Desmond will be at home and moreover they would soon resume back to campus.

I moved back home…. I miss my mum, she doesn’t even call me anymore, the only thing she does was to send money to me and talk to my Uncle and that is even once in a while. I miss her, she has abandoned me. Anyway, Sharon was back home, me and her are so closed, she’s so naughty, we sleep together sef, ever since she came back from school she has been sleeping in my room instead of her room. That girl likes me so much and i love her too. Desmond on the other was finding it difficult to approach me, but hekept on sending useless text messages, i delete them immediately cos his sister usually play with my phone. Desmond hardly stay at home cos there was no freedom for him, i even kept malice with him.

You see in this life, what will be will be, no matter what you do. My mistake was i didn’t report him to his parent, i should have done that, assuming i’ve done it, it wouldn’t have happened. It happened and it was unbelieveable.


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