Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Part 11

I woke up in the middle of the night only to see Iyoaye Weapon of Mass Defence rested on my chest. I stood up to take a glass of water in the kitchen only to find out that we did not lock the main entrance to my apartment. I locked it and went back to the sitting room. I started pondering over my life, when I will settle down.

I jolted back to reality when Iyoaye touched my chin.

Iyoaye: You are not sleeping why?
Me: (hissed) I don’t feel like
Iyoaye: what are you thinking about dear? (sits beside me)
Me: everything.
Iyoaye: so, am I part of what you are thinking about?

Instead of answering her, I faced her with a glare in my eyes and went straight for her lips and started kissing her. She responded back and we kissed like hungry lions. I went for her Weapon of Mass Defence and as I was sucking it

I took my fingers to her navel. She shuddered and started shaking like a fowl drenched in the rain. I continued my business and used one finger down to the holiest. I started “manipulation” her and she was responding by grinding her waist to me. She pushed me to sit on the chair and started sucking my OPA-MOSE and mouth – bleeping me. I used my hands to rub her hair and her back while she was being gagged.

After 7 minutes, she sat facing me and started riding me I used one of my hands to squeeze her Weapon of Mass Destruction while the other hand was being used to squeeze the trigger of her Weapon of Mass Defence. We bleeped for some minutes and we reverted to the usual and always common style – the Missionary Style. We both climaxed some minutes after and we slept off.

When I got to office the following morning, I tidied my entire desk and reconciled all accounts respectively. But around 10am I was hearing some scuffle and noise outside. When I got outside, I saw the Head Pastor and Pst. Onihaxy arguing and shouting at each other.

We tried to settle the rift and I later discovered that Pst. Onihaxy was flirting with three sisters in the choir. I left them honourably and returned back into my office. At around 1pm, the receptionist informed me that Aisha was around. As soon as she entered, I called the receptionist that I don’t want disturbance from anybody. I locked up my office and the following dialogue ensued

Aisha: Short Man Devil, how are you?
Me: I am good, and you? (I was moving closer to her)
Aisha: Collins, please I don’t want us to do this today. When I got home the last time, my husband was back from UK and when we were at the stadium I mistakenly mentioned your name
Me: (laughing uncontrollably) so short man devil is so strong like that?
Aisha: it is just that I had to convince him very hard that I was not dating anybody.

I went to where she sat, blew some air to her ears, she threw her head backwards and I started smooching her Weapons of Mass Defence. I said to her ears
Me: do you need the short man devil NOW?
Aisha: (quietly) yesssssss….. I need him real baaaddd…..

I gently removed her shirt and unhooked her bra when I was about sucking, a call came into my phone
Aisha: please ignore it

I saw the screen and it was Head Pastor!