Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Part 12

I received his call and after he had given me some directives, I ended his call

Aisha: please switch off your phone. Like a zombie, I switched it off. I started sucking her Weapons of Mass Defence while she was massaging my OPA _ MOSE. Then as I went down to suck her holiest, I discovered that she was “PADDED”. Chei market don spoil today. When she knew I discovered, she placed my OPA-MOSE to her mouth and sucked me until I exploded into her mouth, and she swallowed it all and clean me thoroughly,

Aisha: I’m sorry it started some hours ago..
Me: Don’t worry.
I stylishly sprayed air freshener into the office to kill the odour. As soon as she left, Iyoaye came into my office.
Iyoaye: hope you had a nice time with her?
Me: as how Iyo?
Iyoaye: I was at the back of your window when she came in and I overheard all what you people said……listen Accountant, today I will expose you.
Me: please Iyoaye. There is absolutely nothing going on between me and her
Iyoaye: You are a liar Accountant. I recorded all what transpired so leave me alone you dog!!!

As she was about leaving, I held her but when she turned to me I saw a face that blood was dripping and she had the teeth of vampires and as soon as she wanted to open it to bite me……

I woke up with a start……

Aisha: you have slept for over 20minutes. O n sun bi efon (you are sleeping like a mosquito)
Me: I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
Aisha: I’m about going. I just wanna check on you.
Me: Thanks.
Aisha stood up where she sat and came to my place and gave me a kiss and squeezed my
OPA-MOSE. I returned by squeezing her Weapons of Mass Defence. We broke up and straightened up. I escorted her outside only to see Iyoaye face red with anger. As soon as I returned, Iyoaye came into my office

Iyoaye: what did that s1ut came to do?
Me: excuse me?
Iyoaye: you heard me correctly. What did that s1ut came to do in your office?

I was boiling inside but I had to keep my calm. When I was about to respond, Pst. Onihaxy came into my office

Pst. Onihaxy: Accountant, what about the consumables that you ought to have bought?
Me: I haven’t bought them
Pst. Onihaxy: so, when do you want to buy it?
Me: when I have the time
Pst. Onihaxy: ok. But I want to ask for a small loan
Me: Kudi/Ego/Owo is not available
Pst. Onihaxy: what do you mean by that? I need it and I need it now!
Me: sorry Pastor. I can’t.
Pst. Onihaxy: do you realize you are talking to me?
Me: yes of course.

He left in annoyance and I ordered Iyoaye out of my office. After a while, I went to the bookshop but before I got there, I overheard the conversation going on in Pst. Onihaxy office

Pst. Onihaxy: that your accountant is too pompous
Iyoaye: that is not his nature; he is a gentleman to the core
Pst. Onihaxy: wetin? He don dey sexvice you?
Iyoaye: pastor! You are taking it too far! Iru oro yen ko gbodo ti enu yin jade (it is too costly for you to say such words sir)
Pst. Onihaxy: I told you to decamp to our party and let us take good care of you….
Iyoaye: (sneered) hmm. Pasito wey dey ask for loan dey tell me say make I decamp

Both of them fell into laughter and I tiptoed back to office.