Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Part 5

After the meeting and everyone was about
going home I got a buzz on my Whatsapp from
Dcns. Emeka
Dcns. Emeka: Thank you for today. I overheard
what you said about me at the meeting. I really
owe you one and she inserted a heart smiley
As soon as I got to my office to close for the day
I saw sis. Iyoaye
Me: Hey Milk Factory, what can I do for you?
Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant e gbadun. I have been
waiting for you about close to 3 hours ago. I
have a date to attend and you are delaying
Me: so, you want to leave your husband abi?
Sis. Iyoaye: who be dat husband?
Me: me, of course!
We have been flirting on 2go and Whatsapp
since the time I resumed. Even we’ve had
phone-bleep. I had chatted with her during the
service that I want to suck her glory – hole
baaaaddd. As soon as she entered my office, I
locked my office and grabbed her Weapons of
Mass Defence from the back and started
squeezing it
Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant, Please leave me alone o
Me: is it not what you want?
Sis. Iyoaye: (faces me) why have you kept me
waiting all this while?
As soon as she said so my phone rang….
When I saw the screen of the phone I
discovered that it was the Head Pastor that was
calling me
Head Pastor: are you at home?
Me: I am still in the office sir.
Head Pastor: ok. Is Sis Iyoaye with you?
Me: yes sir.
Head Pastor: Please tell her to come and lock up
the Bookshop without delay
Me: OK sir.
As soon as his call ended, I told her to go and
lock the place up. Within three minutes, she
had gone and returned. As soon as she came
inside my office, she locked my office door and
removed the top of her shirt. Funny enough,
she did not put on any bra!
When she was approaching where I sat, my
phone started ringing
Sis. Iyoaye: Ignore the call….. I want you in me
Me: Let me pick the call please. I promise you it
won’t be more than a minute.
Sis. Iyoaye: ok
As soon as I picked the call,
Me: Hello
Caller: It is me Dcns. Emeka
Me: Dcns. good day ma
Dcns.: Where are you? I am in front of your
Me: (mogbe) I am still in the church ma.
Dcns.: I am on my way to see you (ends call)
Me: (holding iyoaye’s waist) I am sorry. Dcns.
Emeka is on her way to the church and I don’t
want her to meet the 2 of us like this.
Sis. Iyoaye: Accountant why are you doing this
to me I am ready to give you my body my
love and all but you don’t want to have time for
Me: Iyoaye, it is not that. I promise to make it
up to you.
Sis. Iyoaye: (hissed and dressed up) well, emi ti
n lo (I’m going home)
She left and banged the door behind her
I was brought back from my reverie by a knock
on the door.
Me: (thinking it was Iyoaye that came back)
Come in
The person opened the door and it was……..
………Dcns. Emeka came into the office
Dcns. Emeka: kilode t’o si fi wa ninu office?
(Why are you still in the office?)
Me: I am trying to collate the report for last
month and if I go home, I will just be sleeping.
But what I observed in Dcns. dressing is that
she wore jean skirt with a top that barely
reached her waist and I was seeing her tummy.
Dcns.: I want to thank you for what you did for
me today at the church meeting. Deep inside I
was a bit skeptical if you will be given audience
but I am happy the contract was awarded to
me. Well, I wanted to come and meet you at
home but you were still here…ok let’s go
Me: to collect tithe?
Dcns.: u no well Accountant. We are going to
Me: ok ma.
We left the church and went to Genesis Hotel
and Suites Restaurant. When we got there, we
ordered what we wanted to eat and after
settling down, and after eating for some
Me: Daddy and the Kids nko?
Dcns.: (smiles) Daddy and the Kids are in the
States…….and went on and on
Me: (shocked) why are you not with them?
Dcns.: I am the one managing the family
company. I only go to the states for vacation.
Me: No wonder.
My phone dropped on the floor and as I bend to
pick it up, my eyes went to Dcns. laps. I saw
she wore no panties and her holies were
scrapped clean. Quickly I looked up the table
and when our eyes met
Dcns.: do you like what you just saw? (looking
at me seductively)
Me: (stammering) ye…ye…yes ma


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