Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Part 6

I was confused. What is her next move? My OPA
– MOSE was rock hard and was in anticipation. I
was torn between two worlds – whether to
Bleep her or not. As I was in my thinking
session, I felt a touch on my shoulder
Dcns.: I have been talking to you for the past 5
minutes and you haven’t been responding.

What is the matter Accountant?

Me: My Dcns., I am not happy that I want to do
this with you. Honestly you are a pretty woman
no doubt; but…..

She silenced my speech with a kiss…..
Afterwards, she excused herself that she
wanted to pick up something in the car. I felt
relieved thinking that I had escaped only to see
a Whatsapp notification on my phone
“meet me at Room 23 NOW!!!” with a picture of
her holies….

I got to the reception and after seeing the
receptionist, I went to the room. When I got
there, I met the door slightly opened and when
I entered……….my people when I entered…. I
met Dcns. inside the room in her birthday
Me: Dcns. so this is what you meant by ‘in other
way round’ abi
Dcns: yes

By that time my OPA MOSE took over my
reasoning faculty. We started kissing each other
and she pulled off my shirt. Then I took one of
her Weapons of Mass Defence sucking it like a
new born baby and was also handling with the
other Weapon. She pushed me to the bed and
pulled off my trousers. Immediately she saw ‘OPA MOSE’ she frowned at me
Dcns: but Accountant why?
Me: silent
Dcns: I thought you will be big but I am
disappointed with this
I stood up in anger to wear my dress, she held
on me and said
Dcns: I am sorry
Me: Never mind Dcns. It will be a secret
between us and let’s behave as if it never

As soon as I said it, she gave me a hug and was
apologizing for saying such. Then she pulled
down my trousers and took my OPA – MOSE to
her mouth. She sucked it as if she wanted to
take water from a tap that is no longer flowing.
Later I laid down on the bed and she sat on my
face and also was sucking my pipe seriously as
if it has living water flowing through it. I turned
her and was sucking the ‘holiest’ and she
started speaking as if she was in Ethiopia.
Afterwards, she climaxed and passed out…..

I was scared. I tried to revive her but she came
on almost immediately….
Dcns: Accountant, se o fe pami ni? (do you
want to kill me?)
Me: how do I want to kill you?
Dcns: nobody, even my husband have made
me climaxed that high
Me: kil’omode mi mo (what do the child know?)
I carried her legs and tried to enter her. But she
was screaming in pains.
Me: you are too tight.
Dcns: It has been over four years I’ve s*x with
my husband.

I inserted the cap of my ‘OPA-MOSE’ into her
holiest and gently and she started rubbing my
head and was moaning, after five minutes i
assumed that she might be ready then I
inserted my full length into her…..she screamed
and held me tighter but after a while, she
started moaning like a phone that is on
….. After some minutes I lay down on the bed
and she climbed on me and start riding me.
The holiest was very tight like the suction hose
of vacuum cleaner that draws out dust from the
ground. Later, we reverted to the almighty
missionary position and as I was about to Pour, I
wanted to pull out but she held me close and I
exploded mightily into her. Both of us laid on
the bed like worn – out locomotive engine that
Uncle Jona commissioned. Then the following
dialogue ensued…

Dcns Emeka: Accountant, you are a beast on
the bed.
Me: Me? A beast? I am as gentle as a dove….
Dcns Emeka: you made me feel like a lady this
evening. I was underestimating your OPA and
now I can say otherwise.
Facing her, I saw the glint on her face and the
dimples that showed me that Dcns Emeka
really enjoyed the s*x. Then I said
Me: in the next 30 minutes, I will be going
Dcns. Emeka: why now? Tomorrow is public
Me: I don’t know if the Head Pastor will allow me
to stay home. And besides, I am collating the
monthly report of the church.
Dcns. Emeka: (disappointed) ok. But should we
Bleep one more time?
Me: Pleeaaaasseeeee
Then a call came into my phone and I picked it
Me: Hello
The Caller: it is me Iyoaye
Me: (not to let Dcns. Emeka know) Sister mi,
how are you?
Iyoaye: I am not fine
Me: why are you not fine and why using
another line to call me?
Iyoaye: I am at your place.
Me: Ahhhh! I am not at home o.
Iyoaye: well I will wait for you.
Me: Mogbe (I’m in trouble)
Iyoaye: mai ti gbe. Nigba t’o ba de wa daamo
(don’t put yourself into trouble yet, come home
prepared) ends call
Dcns. Emeka: what happened?
Me: My Elder sister is right at my apartment
and I want to rush down to meet her.
Dcns. Emeka: my love… don’t leave me here
please (she purred)
Me: (I went to meet her) Sweetie, I feel like not
leaving your arms but I am left with no choice
than to leave.
Dcns Emeka: hmmm it is ok. At least I was
greatly satisfied with you overhauling my

We both laughed. Then we freshened up and
left the place. When she dropped me at
Challenge, she handed me an envelope

Dcns. Emeka: take it for your transport
I appreciated her and when she left I counted
the money. It was another 50,000 naira.


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