Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Part 9

(After few months)

The project has commenced and Dcns Emeka
and I did not have the opportunity to see
frequently. But anytime she comes to my office,
she doesn’t leave without us kissing each other.
With Iyoaye, I decided to give her some space
so that the feelings she has for me will die

Then on one fateful day the Head Pastor
summoned me to his office and after I sat

Head Pastor: Accountant, I have observed that
you have not introduced any lady to us that
you want to marry. Are you GAY or are you
castrated? or do you have a baby mama?

Me: no sir. It is just that. Gbogbo awon sister
ninu church wa yii n’on sako (every sister in
this church are forming big girls)
Head Pastor: what about Sis. Iyoaye?
Me: (lol) no……

Head Pastor: That’s by the way. We are having
a new Associate Pastor. His name is Pastor
Onihaxy and he is resuming tomorrow. He will
be using the office beside the bookshop.
Me: it is okay sir.
Head Pastor: have you prepared the
documentation for the release of the second
stage of payment for Dcns Emeka
Me: yes sir. I will bring it to your office asap.

The following day came and as I came to the
office, I saw pastor Onihaxy and Sis Iyoaye
talking with each other and Sis Iyoaye was
laughing. After the devotion, the Head Pastor
introduced him to us and we in turns
introduced each other.


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