Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 11

After she left, Ritababe entered my office

Ritababe: Accountant, are you just coming now?
Me: I have been in the office since morning.
Ritababe: if not the fact that I was hearing voices from your office I wouldn’t have known you were around.
Me: I called your line all through yesterday evening but you were not picking the calls.
Ritababe: I thought you were with Halima that was why I didn’t pick your call.
Me: ojowu (jealous girl) I was really mad yesterday.
Ritababe: what happened?
Me: my wife came home, picked her bags and left.
Ritababe: ahhhh…….this is serious
Me: yes it is. That was why I wanted to be alone all through today.
Ritababe: you should have sent an SMS to me. Can you come to my place by 5pm tonight?
Me: ko le possible. Mo n jade (it will not be possible. I have a date)
Ritababe: is it with Halima?
Me: not only Halima, it should have been with mama peace. I will be coming to your place by 8.30pm tonight.
Ritababe: it will be ok by me

Fast forward to 5pm…….
I met Jane at Domino Pizza at Bodija and we gist for some minutes. She begged me that we should go to her house at Basorun. As soon as we got there and entered her apartment, I pulled her to myself and started kissing her.

After a while, we broke the kiss and she pulled me towards the bathroom. We undressed and we hit the shower. While we were in the shower, we started kissing again but this time more intensely. I was squeezing her nippl3s and

I started sucking it simultaneously. She was holding my OPA-MOSE and was squeezing it.

Then, I traced my fingers to her holiest and I started caressing the holiest gates. I had to hold her because she almost lost her balance. I turned off the shower and carried her to her room.

Jane: accountant, please wait for a minute.

She brought out some kits and tested me.

When the results showed I am free, she pushed me to the bed, went down to my OPA-MOSE and started sucking it like a pro. After that, I reciprocated by squeezing her WMD 1 and 2 simultaneously. Then, before she inserted a CD to my OPA-MOSE, I carried her to the bed and started sucking her Holiest honeypot. I had to gag her because she was screaming her lungs out. When she climaxed, I lapped all the Well juices, inserted a CD and entered her……….

After we climaxed, she laid beside me on the bed and used my hands on her Weapon of Mass Defence.

Jane: Accountant, I did not know that you are this “hot”
Me: kil’omode mi mo (I am just a novice beside you)

She laughed.
Jane: honestly, you made me feel like a woman again after three years.
Me: what happened?
Jane: (mist forming in her eyes) I lost my husband and our baby in an accident three years ago.
Me: eeyah Sowie dear.

I had to hug and cuddle her so that she wont cry. After a while I told her that I was going home. She was reluctant to leave me but she had no choice. I quickly showered and I dashed out. When I got to the main road, I called Ritababe. But instead of her picking the call a man picked her call

The man: don’t ever call this line again.