Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 13

When I woke up the following morning, I
discovered that my door was left ajar. I wanted
to lock up but the aroma of food coming from
the kitchen pulled me towards the direction
Halima: good morning lazy head
Instead of answering her, I went to the door to
lock it and I returned to the kitchen. Her
Weapon of Mass Destruction was shooting
missiles to my eyes through her bum shorts. I
sneaked behind and squeezed it. She turned
and we kissed each other. After taking
breakfast, Halima dropped the bombshell.
Halima: I will be leaving the day after tomorrow
Me: Halima but why?
Halima: I want to go and prepare for my
Me: what Halima you never told me you were
Halima: I felt like hiding it from you.
Me: but why Halima? Why do you allowed us to
have s3x together
Halima: I was h^rny and I needed it. Do you
know what? Our Bleep-capedes is known by my
Me: (shouted) WHAT!!!!!!
Halima: she knew that I came to your place that
first night and subsequent times after that even
now that I’m your house; do you think she
will allow me to just be coming to your place
like that? Even now?
Me: mogbe…..mogbe……mogbe. Halima you
don kill me
Instead of her answering, she came and meet
me and gave me a kiss
Halima: how I’d wish that I wasn’t engaged to
him yet, and you are not married.
Me: I’m in a deep cow-dung.
Halima: (poked me) you are not serious. Let me
go and rest so that you will be able to get to
work on time.
As soon as she left I called her sister
Me: Mama Tee, you really offended me.
Mama Tee: osh’omo gb’omo gbin. You bad
Me: I am sorry to have caused this. I tried very
hard not to indulge myself but I did not know
when I fell for it.
Mama Tee: nigba ti ara kii n se okuta (bodi no
be firewood) but you should have done it
codedly. That’s by the way, I spoke with your
To be candid I would suggest that you should
convey a family meeting of both families and
trash out every issues you both have. Your wife
is claiming that you flirt around with ladies in
the church.
Me: Mama Tee do I flirt around?
Mama Tee: uhmm uhmm. What about Halima?
We both laughed.
Me: walahi, Mama Tee, your sister is “Hot”
Mama Tee: were you satisfied bleeping her?
Me: I wish the ministry could move to the
permanent site.
Mama Tee: o gbadun rara. We’ll talk later when
I get home.
Me: ok ma (kissed her on the phone)
Mama Tee: if my husband catches you (we both
laughed, ends call)