Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 16

After I had send the email address, and I was happy that I have irrefutable evidences against my wife, her call came in. a part of me didn’t want to pick the call a part of me wanted to pick her call. After the 3rd ring,…

I picked her call

Me: why are you calling meIyoaye: Collins please don’t hang up on me. It is urgent
Me: so, what do you want?

Iyoaye: I bidded for a contract worth 33million naira and it was when I was checking the copy of the documents I have, I discovered that it was your number that was placed there.

Me: woman, firstly, you bidded for a contract without my knowledge. Secondly, you have transferred all the title deed of the company to my name. so you are no longer the owner and director of the company.

Also sl^t, you slept with the Accountant in order to secure the contract. Well, I have no information about the contract; and I am ready for you when I am being summoned at DISCOM.

She wanted to say something but I ended the call.