Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 17

After I had send the email address, and I was happy that I have irrefutable evidences against my wife, her call came in. a part of me didn’t want to pick the call a part of me wanted to pick her call. After the 3rd ring, I picked her call

Me: why are you calling me
Iyoaye: Collins please don’t hang up on me. It is urgent
Me: so, what do you want?
Iyoaye: I bidded for a contract worth 33million naira and it was when I was checking the copy of the documents I have, I discovered that it was your number that was placed there.
Me: woman, firstly, you bidded for a contract without my knowledge. Secondly, you have transferred all the title deed of the company to
my name. so you are no longer the owner and
director of the company. Also sl^t, you slept
with the Accountant in order to secure the
contract. Well, I have no information about the
contract; and I am ready for you when I am
being summoned at DISCOM. She wanted to
say something but I ended the call.
When I got home Mama Tee called me
Mama Tee: Daadi ao una dey?
Me: I am doing great.
Mama Tee: I want to see you.
Me: Mama Tee, I dey hungry
Mama Tee: eh! Your wife don prepare food for
Me: Iyoaye
Mama Tee: Iyo ko, oyin ni. Your new wife Halima
prepared food for you before she left.
Me: ohh!!!! (relaxed) had she left?
Mama Tee: yes she left this evening.
Me: hmmm. To be candid I am missing her
Mama Tee: missing her? I will report you to her
Me: (laughs) well you are free. what about the
matter you want to discuss with me?
Mama Tee: I will call you later
Me: ok maami
By the time she was about leaving to her
apartment, she poked me playfully by hitting
me on the chest
Me: I will retaliate back at that same spot
Mama Tee: owo e a gan – pa (your hand will be
Me: let it be…..
She winked at me and went into her
apartment. When I entered, I decided to call
Me: what’s up my run – away bride
Halima: Collins you no well. I be your run – away
bride or Iyoaye?
Me: abeg make una no mention her name jare.
How was your day?
Halima: Collins, it was fine and it wasn’t fine
Me: how?
Halima: bone that side jare. Hope you saw the
food I prepared for you?
Me: sure your sister told me.
Halima: please don’t be annoyed. I prepared it
hastily because of the trip. Well, I will talk to
you later.
Me: ok sweet girl….
Halima: hmmmm…..wished i was at your side
Me: I will call you later
Halima: ok. I’ll be expecting your call (ends call)
As I was eating, Mama Tee’s whatsapp came
into my phone
“please see me for the discussion”. I quickly
rushed the food and went to her apartment.
When I entered, I wanted to run back because
was putting on a round neck tee shirt and a
Me: Mama Tee, please don’t disvirgin my eyes.
Mama Tee: you better enter. your OPA – MOSE
will just be hard for nothing.
I entered (with one mind) into her apartment
she was sitting on the sofa and I went to take a
chair from the dining table, but she stopped me
Mama Tee: e n se mi Daddi (you are really
offending me)
Me: you should now why I am doing that.
Mama Tee: hope you’ve locked the door to your
Me: sure. I have done so
Mama Tee: ok… how far about you and your
Me: who among them? Is it Halima or Iyoaye?
MT: Iyoaye of course.
Me: (mist forming in my eyes) MT let’s forget
about her for now
MT: (coming to where I sat) Daddi, don’t worry.
Everything has its reasons why it happens
Me: do you know that the issue have made my
Oga, the Head Pastor to report me to DISCOM,
and anyone that appears in DISCOM don’t
always go scot free
MT: haaaaa!!!!!!! Odikwa serious
Me: (standing up) Maama, I want to go and
MT: (pulling my arms back) don’t go yet
(looking at her seeing fire of pleasure in her
eyes) please

I sat down on the sofa and she wrapped on a
towel, went outside to check my door, came
back to lock her door. Then she came to
smudge beside me on the sofa. She was
watching Telemundo (a station I greatly

Afterwards, she slept off and I too didn’t know when I fell asleep.