Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 18

I woke up around 11pm thinking it was morning. When I woke up I saw Mama Tee resting her head on my laps and sleeping like a baby. I checked my phone and I saw 12 missed calls from Halima, 3SMS and 4 Whatsapp notification. When I opened the SMS I saw that Halima wasn’t happy for me not picking her calls. I was relpying her when Mama Tee woke up

MT: Daddi you have woken up
Me: yes not quite long.
MT: i`m feeling cold. Please cuddle me.
I was perplexed because it was odd for me to Bleep both sisters.

Me: ah MT, do you wanna implicate me……
MT: (placing her fingers on my lips) Please I want you to cuddle me….(she purred)
I took her up and I sat on the tiles. She then came and sat closer to me. I held her on the waist and she placed her Weapons of Mass Defence closer to me. My OPA – MOSE responded with immediate activation. When she realized that OPA – MOSE has responded, she came again even closer than before and started using her laps to caress it. I was forming Hulk Hogan to pretend as if I wasn’t interested.

But the more she continued, the more my resistance gave way

Me: don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you

She looked at me and smiled. I faced her and started kissing her. She responded by grinding her waist to my groin. Then she took my hand to her Weapon of Mass Defence and I started squeezing it thoroughly. Then I traced down with my fingers to her pant and started manipulation her. She was moaning and at the same time twerking her Weapon of Mass Destruction. Then I pulled down her pants and I saw the Holy of Holies……yummy……I wanted to go down on her but suddenly I stopped

MT: Daddi why did you stop?
Me: I don’t want to do this
MT: please (she purred) I need it baaaaaaad

As I stood up and about leaving, she pulled me and pinned me down. She removed my OPA – MOSE and sat on it and started riding me furiously. When I wanted to protest and struggle with her, she forced one of her Weapons of Mass Defence to my mouth and started squeezing it. I reluctantly cooperated with her and I danced to her tune. Her moans were getting loud and I had to use my hands to cover her mouth. Afterwards, she stopped, stood up and went on all fours (in standing position) I entered her powerfully and started bleeping her mercilessly. She had to use one of the cushions on the chair to cover her mouth to muffle her sounds. We finally reverted to the missionary style and as soon as I wanted to erupt, I removed my OPA – MOSE but she wanted to force it back. I sprayed my c^m on her and crashed beside her.

Me: Mama Tee, why do you have to force me to do this?
MT: ma wo e. You are lonely and I wanted to help you.
Me: you wanted to help me or you really need the Bleep?
MT: to be candid after we talked on the phone, I was no longer concentrating at work today. I was fantasizing on how to get you. My sister told me you are a good bleeper and I can’t even believe that with your SHORT MAN DEVIL I could be taken to cloud 190. And even when I saw you this evening, I was fantasizing how I will Bleep you

(Mama Tee is tall about 5`11“, have masculine features and build, and works in a paramilitary outfit)

Me: kai you are too raw

Instead of her answering she stood, pulled me up and we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. We returned to the sitting room unclad and we sat on the tiles holding each other.