Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 20

After the call from the HP, I intimated my friend and He mobilized his other colleagues. Then we trekked to Apete Bridge. When I saw the Head of Security unit of the church, I entered the car and we both went to church. When I got to the office, I went to meet the HP

HP: Bro. Collins I’m sorry for what happened to you. Your wife came to the office to explain everything to me. But you are at fault sha
Me: Daddy how?
HP: she said that someone caught you kissing another lady in your office on three consecutive times and you actually slept with two of them
Me: (laughing) Daddy, the story is not true sir. Honestly, sisters in this Church are trying to force their way in but in actual fact I don’t give them opportunity to come closer
HP: (sighs) Well I don’t have anything to say but I have told your wife to see me today. Even she ought to have been around
Me: (feeling disturbed) no….no…problem sir
HP: what is wrong with you?
Me: (forming boldness) Nothing sir
HP: I’ll call you as soon as she enters
Me: ok sir…

Not long I settled down in the office, Ritababe entered
Ritababe: na wa for you accountant. I checked you at home twice but I was told you travelled
Me: Ritababe, pls leave me alone. I wasn’t around and you did not bother to call me and you said you checked me. I went hiding

Ritababe: Collins…….na wa ooo. If you hadn’t married her…….
Me: please don’t bring that. At least I am here and alive
Ritababe: ok mo ti gbo. But there are some things I want to tell you
Me: ok I’m all ears
Ritababe: Collins, don’t be too fast. I’ll come to your place tonight and explain it better
Me: my place Count me out

Ritababe: why don’t you want me to come again?
Me: you must not come. Tell me all what you want to tell me. Or in another option I can come to your place
Ritababe: sure
Me: a bi moo ti wa ni? You that I’ll call now and you’ll be under the ministration of another man.
Ritababe: eni ba de’be lo ma ro’hin ‘be
Me: ok till closing hours

After she left, a call came in from an international line
Caller: is that Collins Ajidara?
Me: yes. Who am I speaking with?