Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 21

Caller: this is Chief Emeka speaking from the UK

Me: Chief Emeka? Pls I don’t know you sir.
Chief Emeka: Dcns. Idowu’s husband
Me: daddy. Good afternoon sir. How is everyone?
Chief Emeka: everybody is fine. My wife has spoken about you. How you have been there for her when she was in

Nigeria. And I also want to appreciate you for what you did in securing that contract for her
Me: Daddy, that’s the least on what I could do
Chief Emeka: I will be in Nigeria in 2 days time and I would like to see you

Me: it is ok sir.
Chief Emeka: ok. I will call you as soon as I arrive. Take care of yourself (ends call)

After the call I was perplexed. A million thoughts were running through my mind. “What does he wants from me?”

“Hope Dcns Idowu hasn’t told him about me?” And so on. As I was pondering another call came into my phone

Me: Hello
MT: Daadi, na wa for you. It’s been long you haven’t been around and I really missed you (“I missed you” came from the background)
Me: MT, I missed you too. But who is talking in
the background?

MT: your wife Halima
Me: Chei!!!! Walahi I don miss am! Make I speak with am
MT: I will not give her the phone
Me: ok.. You know na…….but…..
MT: (codedly)I don hear. Halima, come and talk with your husband
Halima: Baby, this is not fair o
Me: baby, it is not that. My sim was permanently with my friend when I was hiding.

And every call has to be screened before I was allowed to talk with d person
Halima: baby, I can’t wait for you

(In the background: Daadi, you will pay for the airtime o)

Me: tell ur sister, I’ll recharge her line. I’ll be home as soon as possible