Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 22

When I got home in the evening (the CSO of the Church escorted me home), I observed that
the house was quiet. As soon as I entered my flat, a call came into my phone

Me: who is that calling me?
Iyoaye: it is me Iyoaye
Me: (hissed) what can I do for you?
Iyoaye: My dear, I am sorry for what I have done to you. I was misled by someone.
Me: Misled? O so wipe o ni pami (you almost got me killed) and you now think I will forget the happening in a hurry?
Iyoaye: I want to come and see you tonight.
Me: emi ke You can’t see me now or never.
Infact, I don’t want to see you near my vicinity. (ends call)

As soon as the call was ended, I heard a knock on the door. I went to the kitchen and brought the local wooden spoon (omorogun) and went to the door
Me: who is at the door?
Halima: it is me Halima and someone
Me: who is that someone?
Halima: don’t worry when you open the door.

As soon as I opened the door, she jumped on me and started crying

Halima: baby, I have really missed you
Me: hmmm. I missed you too.

Releasing her I discovered that she was alone.

As soon as I ushered her in, she came to me and we started kissing. After kissing for a while, I released her and I locked the door.

Halima: thank God you are back safe.
Me: we thank God for that. How are you?
Halima: I am fine but I really missed you.
Me: that’s good to hear. But how is your “husband”?
Halima: (hisses) you are offending me Daadi. I am with my husband and you are asking me how my husband is. E ma je ki n binu si yin (don’t make me angry towards you).
Me: remember that I’m married; and you just did your introduction not quite long.
Halima: introduction I have broken up with him
Me: what happened?
Halima: three days to the introduction, his mum called me. And after I got to their place I met a girl that was heavy with her people. She narrated to us that both of them had been secret lovers.
Me: Jesus of Okrika!!!
Halima: (contd.) And her people are threatening fire and thunder if he doesn’t marry the girl. I called Mama Tee and my Parents to break the news to them.
Me: (consoles her) dear I’m sorry for that. But I have a confession to make.
Halima: what
Me: if I tell you I will break your heart further.
Halima: hmmm. I know. My sister had opened up to me about your s*x – escapades. At first I was really mad at both of you most especially you. But, I have to forgive you because, I find warmth and peace whenever I am with you.

Even I am ready to stay beside you no matter what anybody says.

As soon as she stopped talking, she stood up and went to the kitchen to bring a dish and food flask. She prepared the table and came to drag me there. When I got there, I saw that she had prepared edi-ka-ikong (hope I got the
spelling) soup with pounded yam. She served the food and was waiting for me to start eating.

Halima: you better eat because all what you have stored in your body all these while, I will receive it tonight.

I was hesitating whether to eat or not, when she took some morsels out of what she served me and ate it. It was then I was convinced that the food is clean. We ate in silence and after we finished, she took the plates to the kitchen to clean them up. I dialled Mama Tee’s number.

After the 3rd ring, she picked the call
Me: MT, how are you?
MT: I am doing good. And how is our ‘wife’
Me: Our wife is fine. But you surprised me
MT: how?
Me: you told your sister about our “thing”
MT: I had to confess to her because she is my blood and as it is always said “okun omo iya yii gidi gan” (the bond between brothers and sisters is strong) and she loves you (Halima came beside me)
Me: she is a rare jewel. How I’d wish to have met her before I met Iyoaye.
MT: na so. But how is Iyoaye?
Me: (hisses) she called that she wanted to see me. I have decided that I will not have anything to do with her again.
MT: eyin le mo (na you sabi). Daadi, I am on special duty and I won’t be around for the next one week. Please help me to take care of Halima.
Me: trust your brother. Or do you want to speak with her?
MT: hmmm Daadi. Ok let me speak with her.

I gave the phone to Halima and she spoke with her sister for some minutes. After she ended the call, a call came in almost immediately

Me: who am I speaking with?
Ritababe: it is me Rita. Where are you Accountant?
Me: I am at home.
Ritababe: I have been expecting you now
Me: Ritababe, I am sorry I will not be able to come
Ritababe: Accountant, why now
Me: I’m sorry; some things are designed not to work in the ways we planned. We will see in the office tomorrow.
Ritababe: accountant you know it is not fair (I ended the call)

After ending all the calls, I programmed my phone to silent mode and I turned to look at Halima. I saw the fire of passion raging in her eyes. We started kissing each other, and I started squeezing her Weapon of Mass Defence…….