Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 4

I returned home in the evening and met my wife in a somber mood. As soon as she saw me, she ran to meet me and knelt down in my front.

I took her up and hugged her. I told her that I had a surprise for her. We freshened and went to Ventura Cinema at Samonda. We enjoyed each other watched some movies and went home. As soon as we entered the house she wanted to apologise but I stopped her with a kiss, then I unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra. I grabbed her Weapons of Mass Defence and squeezed it mercilessly. She was moaning like someone in the theatre whom they are arranging his fractured bones.

Afterwards she reciprocated by removing my OPA – MOSE and was stroking it. But the funny thing is that OPA – MOSE refused to stand at attention. It was rising and falling like forex. She knelt down in front of me and started sucking it. But as she was doing it, I started imagining how it was Chief Ladapo standing in front of my wife and she is performing orals on him. I wanted to remove my OPA – MOSE from her mouth but another part of me was saying that I’m not innocent too. We continued and afterwards, I started manipulation her. She was vibrating like Nokia 2310. I sucked her Weapon of Mass Defence hungrily. Then I carried her to where she stacked cartons of malt. I placed her there, placed her legs on my shoulder and inserted my OPA – MOSE into her. We bleeped each other in that position and later we went to the dining and did wheel barrow style. Then I carried her to the chair we did the missionary style and I released powerfully into her we were exhausted and we rolled over to the floor and cuddled up

Iyoaye: my love…….(using her fingers to rub my chest)
Me: Iyo t’on mu aye mi dun (literal translation: the salt that makes my life sweet) o se mi gan
Iyoaye: (breathes deeply) I know my love I am sorry.
I was looking into her eyes…the feeling when you really want to hold something that you don’t want to lose
Iyoaye: my love,I was thinking that when I was caught, it was all over. I couldn’t believe that you could forgive me
Me: forgive you keÉ…(she want to burst into tears)…..cry cry baby, I have forgiven you ooo

She poked me and we started playing again.
We hugged each other and slept off.

The following day, we woke up very late and we got to church late. After the service I released her to be going home early because I wanted to compile the reports for the month. After counting the money and recording, I went into my office and was working. I was busy to the extent that I did not know my phone rang.

When I saw the phone I met twenty – three missed calls; 16 from my mother – in – law, 3 from iyoaye and 4 from Ritababe. I called my mother – in – law

Me: Maami, e ka`san ma (Good afternoon ma)
MIL: Omo mi nibo l`e gbe phone yin si! I have been trying your line but you have not been picking it.
Me: the phone was in silent and I have been extremely busy.
MIL: my daughter told me all what that happened and she told me what you did. I am very happy you were able to handle the situation even more matured than older men. I will be eternally grateful to God to have such a wonderful SIL like you.
Me: I had no choice so as to kill any scandal that will trail the escalation of the issue; and I have promised myself that nobody will settle any crisis I have with my wife.
MIL: my son, I an happy. But can I ask you for one favour
Me: sure
MIL: I want your “sister“ to come and spend some days with me in Ajaokuta
Me: mummy no wahala. When can she come
MIL: the driver is almost in Ibadan. They will take off first thing tomorrow.
Me: Mum, she is all yours.
I was relieved because there will be free days for me to rest and to plan my revenge on her. Later I called iyoaye

Me: Mumsi has called me.
Iyoaye: yes she had called me first and I told her to call you
Me: ok ma. But cook soup down o
Iyoaye: é ti e ma wale na…. well it is ready and available
Me: thanks dear. But I will be late from office today.
Iyoaye: ba damuwa (no problem)
Me: love you…. (calls ends)

As soon as the call ends, I call Ritababe. As soon as she picked the call
Ritababe: are you in the office
Me: yes I am.
Ritababe: wanna tell you that I am on my way home.
Me: ok but where are you
Ritababe: I am at the junction. Are you already
Me: nope. Im still in the office
Ritababe: we will see tomorrow