Accounting Inside The Church [A Story] – Season 2, Part 5

When I got to office the following day, the Head
Pastor summoned me
Head Pastor: Accountant, when I was praying
this morning, I saw that you and your wife were
chasing each other with cutlasses. But what I
saw again was that your wife was two to three
times her present size and you were thinner. I
enquired of the Lord and he said that you
should be alone, I mean to be in a retreat for
some days, because your fence has a hole
somewhere. But by the way, where is your wife
Me: she travelled to see her mum at Ajaokuta.
Head Pastor: is she from there
Me: no sir. She is from Bacita. But her mum is a
top brass in Ajaokuta
Head Pastor: but she never told me anything
like that
Me: yes. She kept her family away from her
Head Pastor: all the same, e sa rora. By the way,
I wanted to see you on Saturday but Ritababe
told me you quickly went out.
Me: yes Pastor. I went to catch up with my Dry
Cleaner before he travelled.
Head Pastor: ok take care. Hope you are not
missing her already?
Me: no daddy. I’m not missing her sir
Head Pastor: Ok. I will be travelling to Abuja for
a conference tonight. Please prepare my
Me: I will get back to you right away.
After leaving the Head Pastor office, I went
immediately to prepare his transport allowance.
Not too long, he left the office. But as soon as
he left the office the Assistant Pastor came into
my office.
Pst. Mattkelly: Baba Olowo, I am going out
Me: Pst. the Pst. e fe sare lo se ministry nita abi?
(do you want to go and do outside runs?)
Pst. Mattkelly: (hissed) Accountant you are
offending me. I am going to bank to make some
Me: ok, withdraw some for me o
Pst. Mattkelly: na you know (he left)